Four customers and counting

I promised the UU* that I would post a photo of his favorite scene from the weekend but then we were driving home and THIS happened and I gave the GG my iPhone so he could take a picture. ’cause y’all would NOT want me to be taking a picture while driving in THIS stuff, roight? Anyway, the picture doesn’t show what it was really like out there. It was as dark as if Armageddon was descending and there was so much blasted snow in the air that I could hardly see anything. Whiteout. Yes. On November 16th. This is Michigan and it does snow here. And I am more than okay with that. Except when I have to traverse the highways with all the other morons who are stoopid enough to be out there in the snow.

It wasn’t like this all the way down. For the first two-thirds of the trip, we switched back and forth between intense snow squalls and blinding sunlight. We got through the dreaded Lansing interchange and we were on I96 and there was quite a bit of traffic but the road was mainly wet and anybody who wasn’t going some insane speed like 80 mph and weaving in and out of traffic wouldda been just fine. But apparently there were some geniuses who pushed the envelope and a couple cars were off the road and it seemed like everybody kept hitting their brakes. Don’t tailgate! Duh. So I bailed at the Williamston exit and jumped down to [beloved] Holt Road, which was pretty slushy but at least nobody else was on it. Then. I got to M52. It was okay at first. Just above Stockbridge, it got ugly. It got worse between Stockbridge and Chelsea and just about the time we were getting to the area of North Territorial Road, I said to the GG, “where the heck ARE we?” I could not see a thing.

Things improved once again and we made it home safely to the Planet Ann Arbor. And, I dunno, sometimes it seems like I write about driving an awful lot but what can I say? I drive a lot. And I am outta steam. Again. I’m posting and Mrs. Commander or Dogmomster or anyone is welcome to correct my grammer grammar and syntax, etc., if they want. Hey Froggy, what the heck kind o’ food do we have around here anyway?

Kayak Woman

* UU = the Uncliest Uncle. How many of y’all were thinking that I was talking about the Unitarian Church? The UU is the GG’s twin. They are identical and they were are holy terrors. I have that on record via their late Aunt Gale. Yes, it’s spelled Gale. Like the wind, she used to say.

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  1. Dog Mom Says:


  2. Dog Mom Says:

    anyway, we were in the snow, too. It was interesting, on our way back from the Partridge Creek (Clinton Twp) Apple Store [where we’d left the poor, hard-drive-failed Nook MacBook for HD replacement – with the old crashed one in my pocket to go out for data recovery)…. snow got heavier along M-59 with a couple “white-outs”, onto I-75N, then just before getting to the Genesee Cty line, the *ground* went from WET to WHITE … just like a definite edge….

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Yes, that’s the kind of stuff we encountered too. BTW, I do NOT like how Apple handles its software updates but that’s too long and complicated to talk about in a comment to my own blasted blahg…

  4. Margaret Says:

    I got stressed even reading about this; I hate driving in the snow. Thankfully, we don’t get too much of it where I live. There sure are lots of stupid people on the roads in bad weather. That is true of EVERY PLACE!!

  5. grandmothertrucker Says:

    I drove out of Warren and past your house around noon today. Just past A2 the blizzard hit. It was pretty. I have a load of over 35,000 lbs. on, so I’m ok. I grossed at about 74,000. I would be very afraid if I was pulling a light load…. heading to Tulsa and OK City.

    My mom used to correct everybodys English, but we didn’t have blogs back then, or we would all be in trouble. I found a T-Shirt in a catalog, it says, ” I AM THE GRAMMARIAN ABOUT WHOM YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU” … suitable for any English teacher, or a few others….

    Dogmom, Partridge Creek Mall is new, right by my house, isn’t it nice? I love the Brio.

    Anyway, I delt with stupid people all through A2 this morning, just past your place, and within a few minutes, there were 5 cars in the ditches….. bubbleheads. It cleared up through Chicago. I’m past St.Louie now, and I’m going to bed.

  6. Sam Says:

    Hmmm. Your driving conditions make my my winter weather experience seem quite dull and boring….