The zen of chopping veggies to prep for “fast food” during the work week

snowbanksI’ve probably blahgged about this before but there are so many stages to a marriage. I won’t even begin to try list them here. There have been times when I wanted the GG to be around if at all possible. There have been times when I needed a bit of space. Nowadays I need spacification but I also miss having my best hiking/skiing/kayaking buddy around when he travels northward and I am in a time-banking mode.

This weekend? The GG spent last night in a DNR lodge with a buncha women! Yes, really. Pat and Marilyn and Joan and I fergit who else. Yes, those are all women. There were guys too. I loved that he listed all of those women though. They are all wonderful friends of both of us. A whole bunch of Hiawatha Shore to Shore North Country Trail folks showed up for my mom’s funeral visitation and I will never ever ever forget that. I love those people.

This weekend I was torn between wanting to be spacified and wanting my life partner to be with me walking / skiing / showshoeing around town. In the end, I had a great weekend! I met npJane and Mouse downtown on Friday night. I flung and/or packed up crap from the Landfill Chitchen the rest of the weekend. I bundled up and walked and shoveled and whatever. I packed up a few more banker’s boxes in preparation for our upcoming kitchen reno and I chopped up a whole bunch of veggies for “fast food” during the week.

What else? I do not know. I took off on a long, snowy walk this afternoon. The GG was not home when I left and the last communication I had from him was during a cell phone call. He was on the southbound I75 SUV Speedway and he said something like, “Oh shit, I’m out of gas, I gotta stop.” He got home safely and we are hanging out in the back room of the Landfill with a faaarr in the faarrr place.

Good night and love y’all,
Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The best away time is when you know your life partner is coming back. I didn’t know how hard it would be that mine isn’t. He always walked in the door after work, after a golf game, after a Jeeping trip, etc. It still feels weird that it’s not going to happen any more.