In which the Landfill Chichen strikes back at KW

chitchen1Apparently The Landfill Chitchen knows its days are numbered. Actually the *bottom* drawer is already broken and has been for years. I think I slammed it in a few too many times during some of my, well let’s just say they were not my finest moments. I used to keep plastic containers in that drawer but it became impossible to use and so I sorted them out, flung the orphans and moved them above the refrigerator. Even though I have to use a stool to get above the refrigerator. The top drawer has probably been slammed a couple of times but not recently and it wasn’t broken until this weekend. I was kind of resigned to living with the drawer hanging out over there on the counter but the GG is fixing it (using another language, as my Grandaddy would’ve said).

KW slams drawers? Yes she has been known to do that. Ask the GG. Actually, don’t ask the GG. Let me tell you something though. I am a “spirited” person. I have oodles and oodles of positive energy but occasionally a low pressure system moves in and I have to have a thunderstorm to clear the air brain. When I am over it, I move on. I am not the only Fin with a personality like this although others have cooler heads. I am NOT bi-polar in any way and I am not a violent person. I occasionally throw a dishrag at somebody. You can guess who. I will only say that I was NOT the person who threw a dishrag at My Dear Uncle Harry! I would NEVER do that!

chitchen2I call my kitchen the chitchen because that’s (more or less) how Lizard Breath said it when she was learning to talk and started naming rooms in the house. Chitchen, Back Room, etc. I’ve probably blahgged this before but when the beach urchins were babies, the GG and I shared job time. We worked for the same company at the same facility and I worked part time. He worked from 6 AM to 2 PM. I drove the beach urchins over at 2. I went to work (until 7) and he drove them home. We really didn’t want to put our kids in day care. I am NOT against quality day care in any way. I just didn’t want that for my children. We were extremely fortunate that we could manage that kind of situation. I think that people are still struggling with the issue of bringing up children while pursuing a career and I wish our culture supported working parents better. Heck, I have grown-up self-supporting children nowadays and a decent career as a systems analyst. But I had some breaks along the way that a lot of people don’t get.

So anyway, when we only had one baby and she was experimenting with talking, the GG would take her home every afternoon and there was a routine. I don’t remember the whole thing but I know it included the cuckoo clock and the n-gauge train in the Landfill Dungeon. I believe the GG set her up on a stool and she would watch the train go around the track and carefully place little plastic dinosaurs onto flat cars and then pick them up again.

I am not sure how I got to this point. Stream of consciousness, I guess. At any rate, I think the Landfill Chitchen knows that its days are numbered and it’s striking back at me.

2 Responses to “In which the Landfill Chichen strikes back at KW”

  1. Sam Says:

    When I was learning to talk, “roomling” meant living room. Funny…the process of language acquisition.

  2. Margaret Says:

    LOL–I am also a spirited person, as you may be able to tell from my posts. I often describe myself as mercurial. I don’t slam anything now though since my fixer is gone. I just rant a lot on the blog. 🙂