Champagne flight

moonFlying and drinking and drinking and driving. Line outta the Right Stuff if my memory is accurate but it prob’ly isn’t. When I was in college people did actually drink and drive. I mean, I know they still do but back then the legal limits weren’t as stringent as they are now and I can remember a couple of people getting stopped by the po-leese and told to just GO HOME! Not so much nowadays. I’m not offering an opinion one way or another. I don’t drink and drive though.

And I didn’t tonight although I did have a wee little glass of whine *before* we left for the Group Home @ Houghton Lake tonight. Mouse rode up here with us and we were waiting for her to arrive and I was antsy as all getout like I usually am when we’re trying to launch somewhere and I knew it was ridiculous but I couldn’t help it. But then. Hey, a bottle of whine on the counter. I poured a half glass. What the heck, I wasn’t gonna drive. I was gonna sit in the back seat and read, etc., on my phone. And so I did. Half the time I even had to look at my phone to know where we were. That was a good feeling. I am usually obsessively counting miles. Like West Branch is mile marker 212, how much farther is it to West Branch? Next stop Houghton Lake! It’s not that I am an anxious little “when are we gonna get there” kid. Just that I drive the I75 SUV Speedway soooo often and I get soooo taaaaared of it sometimes. But we had dry roads! Yes! (I think we’ll take the Mouse Store route home.)

That is the moon there! Over Houghton Lake. I think I took the picture through a screen but I’m not sure. I am taaaared and the GG keeps asking me if I want vegetables and ranch dip. I do not. Not right now. I am not hungry. Reminds me of a certain macaroni and cheese episode back in the Jurassic Age. Skiing tomorrow. Cheers and good night!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, it used to be way more lax. I can’t even imagine how I survived to this age. I drove with people who were over the limit and did so myself. Not these days.