Not Work Safe

Notice of Authorization
Permit Number 04-17-0098-P
Issued: 9/22/2005
Expiration Date: 12/31/2006

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Land and Water Management Division, Upper Peninsula District Office, 520 5th St., Gwinn Michigan, 49841, 906-346-8300, has issued a permit for the activity described below, under provisions of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended and specifically:

  • Part 31, Floodplain/Water Resources Protection.
  • Part 301, Inland Lakes and Streams.
  • Part 303, Wetland Protection. [this item is checked off, natch.]
  • Part 315, Dam Safety.
  • Part 325, Great Lakes Submerged Lands.
  • Part 323, Shorelands Protection and Management.
  • Part 353, Sand Dune Protection and Management.

Authorized activity:
Excavate and fill approximately 7680 square feet of wetland to facilitate the construction of an access drive. The maximum base width of the driveway is 16′. This driveway shall also have a minimum of 4 equalization culverts placed in low areas to provide for crossflow of surface water. All work shall be done according to attached plans and permit conditions dated September 23, 2006.

To be conducted at property located, Chippewa County, Waterbody: wetland
Section: 25, Town 47N, Range 2W, Bay Mills Township

Permittee: John W. Armstrong

Steven E. Chester, Director
Department of Environmental Quality

Mike Smolinski
District Representative

This notice must be displayed at the site of work in such a way that it can be seen from the road. Please refer to the above Permit Number with any questions or concerns.

Click here for pictures, if you can stand to look.

3 Responses to “Not Work Safe”

  1. Valdemort Says:

    I thought you couldn’t touch wetlands period.


  2. Pooh Says:


    It is true that it’s not a 60 ft “logging road”, so that’s somewhat to the good, well, at least not totally evil.

    Have they marked any spots for construction on the new @# $% intrusion road? (the Doelle –> Dennis side)

    Have they extended the road they were building this summer on the Cedar Point side? When Sandy, Suzy and Jan and I walked it in early July, there was at least one cabin site marked out.
    The road was being built even as we walked back from our walk on the beach, so we narrowly missed seeing the driver up close. (They must have been getting another load of gravel when we first went out.)

    Do I still have my DARNOC shirt buried in a drawer?


  3. Webmomster Says:

    JHMK! Jim & Jack – time to get to work on this one!!