A little hint of summer to go with the bomber hat (and the YakTrax)

sunglassesI dunno. Am I a wimp? The GG said something like, “KW is wimping out” just because I encouraged us to accept a ride home from the Oscar Tango with the Porters tonight. They always always always ask. Isn’t it too hot to walk? Or too cold or windy or snowy or rainy or tornadoey or whatever? Tonight? It was too damned icy. Not to mention windy as all getout! Yes, we could’ve walked home. We both walked downtown. But I was sick and taaarrred of having to make a blasted decision or two or three every step of the way.

It was okay walking down. It was sunny enough that I could at least see what I was walking on but even then, I wasn’t always sure how slippery it was. Conditions varied. I even dredged out a hiking stick for the walk downtown and I used it a few times. In the end, I just didn’t wanna do the same thing home in the dark. This morning, I set off on my Skunk Walk. I made it all the way through the schoolyard (behind my house) and then… I turned around. That’s right. I bagged it. It wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t fun. My fellow Skunkwalker aka W1.5’s wife bagged it too. Some days that’s the prudent thing to do.

Here I am talking about the damn weather again. We’ve experienced something called a Texas Hooker the last few days. I have read the descriptions and looked at the maps and I still do not quite understand. Is it the same kind of system that caused Hurricane Ike to dampen the normally dry Landfill Dungeon a few years ago? I do not know. Apparently the Polar Vortex is scheduled to get drunk and fall on us again next week? We’ll see. And yes, I stole that description from somewhere on the internet. I’m sorry but that’s kind of what it feels like around here.

Potholes? Can I just say that I was getting off the I94 18-wheel Clogway at the Jackson Road exit today after work and it was a good thing there was nobody in the left lane because I had to jump over there to miss a pothole that would’ve swallowed the Frog Hopper up. I cannot believe the potholes we have here on the Planet this year. I wanted to take a picture of some today but they were in the middle of an intersection downtown and I was walking and there was intermittent glare ice and I didn’t feel like I could stop right there. Like “What is that baggy old bag doing standing there in the middle of the road with her iPhone?” A big clompety-looking young man was galumphing along ahead of / beside me plugged into his iSomething-or-other and he made an interesting noise when his foot slipped on ice.

I’m done boring you with the weather (for today). Tomorrow I’m gonna pack up a whole bunch more chitchen stuff so I’ll probably bore you with tales of bubble wrap. You can’t wait. You’re welcome.

Dreaming of summer and the moomincabin and kayaking and pontoon boat expotitions to tiki bars and hiking with moe-skee-toes (and ticks, yick!) and the Lyme Lounge and a beauteous new chitchen and ice where it belongs, which is in cocktails, not all over the roads and sidewalks!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    ICE–I hate it so much and you are making me despise it even more! Hope it soon goes away. We’re heading into March, so spring–right??