I just don’t know. There is much that I don’t know. And I just don’t know.

So, after all of that blustery ranting yesterday, the GG made one phone call and the building issue is hereby resolved. No inspection needed. I have no idea what they’ll do to our tax assessment this year. I am not gonna worry about it.

So I am done blustering around and I’ll leave that to Ol’ Man Winter who blew and blew and blew and threw snow squalls at us and I slipped on my first patch of ice for the year but it was just a bitsy little patch and I only slipped an inch or two and I did not fall flat on my back and hit my head and that is a good thing. Today was an intense day of writing at work and about all I have left in me now is random blather. As Lizard Breath will probably say, “I can tell when it’s one of *those* days, Moom.”

It is probably a good thing that I am not mixed up with running the government because I just have no idea about what to do with the Big Three. I remember going to Detroit to visit Funny Grandaddy and Bolette when I was a little kid. They actually lived *in* the city of Detroit back then. They had a beautiful old house on an elm-lined street and they had all kinds of neat stuff from their trip around the world in their basement. And they had a breakfast nook! I loved breakfast nooks and I can still remember sitting there waiting for the toast to pop up, talking to Bolette. She was my step-grandmother, my real grandmother died in a car accident long before I was born. But I always felt like Bolette loved me like I was her own granddaughter (she didn’t have her own children). She had been a teacher and when she asked me questions about my school, she actually *listened* to the answers. I loved that because I liked school but I was usually bored there and most grown-ups were too busy to listen to me.

We would all pile into Funny Grandaddy’s Cadillac (boys in the front, girls in the back, no carseats anywhere) and head to the Henry Ford Museum or Greenfield Village or that newfangled Northland shopping center or downtown to look at all the skyscrapers. Being from Sault Ste. Siberia, I was fascinated with skyscrapers. I think our biggest building up in Siberia was six stories. And Funny Grandaddy had a Cadillac with actual push-button windows! That was back in the early 60s, It wasn’t until I bought the POC in 1996 that I owned my own vee-hickle with push-button windows!

Funny Grandaddy and Bolette moved out to Birmingham after the Dee-troit riots in 1967. It was just too hard and maybe dangerous for an elderly white couple to live there any more. 14 mile was a lot safer than 8 mile and they had lived way south of 8 mile.

All I am trying to say is that, although I have never lived in Day-twa, I have memories of when it was still a beautiful, bustling, vibrant city. When my parents and grandparents could still take us to some of the places they went when they were young and I wasn’t born. Nowadays, so much of it is just a bombed out city and killing The Big Three will only make it worse. Not to mention all of the people throughout the country whose personal finances will be derailed by the death of the auto industry. On the other hand, there are a number of good reasons that I fly Honda Express. We can start with the POC. But I just don’t know.

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  1. Old Horsetail Snake Says:

    It sounds as if you know where the grass was greener.