Oh, *there’s* the refrigerator!

Walked in the front door. Spazzed around for a bit, dropping what was left of my meager little leftover lunch on the FLOOR, which necessitated a nasty little carpet cleanup followed by a bunch of the kind of dishwashing monkey business I’m getting all too used to. 1) Find the dish detergent (keeping it in the bathroom). 2) Find a dishcloth and towel (“Mouse’s” room). 3) Grab dish pan (by front door for easy flinging). 4) Get water (from bathtub). All of this seemed to take five times as many trips back and forth across the living room as it should have. FINALLY got done with that ugly little chore and reached for the refrigerator to check the ice supply… Where was the refrigerator?


Oh. Yes. Back in the chitchen! Paint! Cabinet hardware attached! Floor trim (is that the right word?) installed and floor uncovered — again. I suspect that means they’re finished until Tuesday when the countertops go in. Anyway, that was an westward view. Here’s looking toward the east. (Er, I have the file names switched between east and west. I keep doing that. I dunno why. I’m not gonna fix ’em.)


Look Ma, no snow, and no, we are not selling our house!


2 Responses to “Oh, *there’s* the refrigerator!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    NO SNOW!! Yay! The kitchen is looking great. What color will it be painted?

  2. Sam Says:

    Love how the kitchen is coming together; love your choices. And no snow! Blue-ribbon day!