Polar Vortex survivors in Mouse’s Garden

pvsurvivorsGarlic, shallots, and carrots. Can you believe these little green sprouty things were under a glacier until a couple days ago? We walked down to the farmer’s market to meet Mouse there at 8:00 AM. All I bought was a couple hunks o’ protein from the Sparrow Market and some lunches kimchee for the GG (thank you very much iPhone autocorrect). It was hard not buying greens and little potatoes and parsnips (yes, really!), etc., but there is no point in buying a bunch of food until I have a functional kitchen again. It’s the awkward dishwashing situation that’s the issue. I’m doing fine but the fewer dishes, the better. Good thing we are doing this prodject in the early spring when only a few hardy souls are out selling produce in our still winter-like temperatures and not at high harvest season when the market is overflowing.

Mouse wanted to check in on her garden (which is in our back yard) so we caught a ride home with her. I didn’t intend to do any yard work today. After all, until a few days ago, we had a glacier in the back yard. But then, Mouse went out and pulled a few old dead leaves off of the raised bed and voila! Green things! She started raking leaves out of there and that got me looking around at all of the dead sticks and things and pretty soon we had both compost carts out in the back yard. We maybe only worked for 20 minutes or so but those carts are both half full. The photoooo doesn’t show how *many* little green things are poking up out of that raised bed.

Productive day in general. Several loads of laundry, a family excursion to the Plum Market, a GG/KW excursion to Lowe’s to research three inch spice drawers, a small paperwork purge, and a long overdue laptop OS upgrade (not to mention looooooooong). And then. Yiiiy! Photoshop would not launch. Geeesh, what do I do? I use Photoshop every single blasted day. Although I am pretty well trained to do Photoshop editing, nowadays I usually use it only to adjust light levels and crop photos and optimize them to post on the web. The iPhone 5S takes HUGE photos and even nowadays when disk space is “cheap” and broadband is widespread, it’s polite to downsize photos for posting on the web. I own Photoshop CS3, which I bought a quazillion years ago on an educational discount. I did NOT want to pay a couple thousand dollars or whatever for an upgrade. I’m sure there are alternatives but that would take a bunch of research I don’t have time for. I kvetched to the GG and he googled a solution and it WORKED! YAY! (Yes, I could’ve done that too.)

The GG tried to take a nap this afternoon but the Lyme Lounge was calling him, so he got up and began the process for opening it up for the season. And then we had surprise visitors! The Lord and Lady of Linden, on their way home from a work trip to Tennessee (right?). First family members to see the new chitchen besides the beach urchins who grew up here. So much fun!

One Response to “Polar Vortex survivors in Mouse’s Garden”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Green things! They must be very hardy since you’ve had a HORRID winter. You seem to be dealing well with the chaos; I hope I do as well when/if my bathroom remodel EVER gets started.