Buyer’s remorse?

I will admit that at a random moment during the afternoon, I actually mourned my ugly old chitchen. What is it with people (like me) who assign feelings to inanimate objects. Stuffed aminals? Okay, they are at least anthropomorphic. Vee-hickles sometimes. But furniture and chitchens and snowballs (um, they melt) and some random plastic toy that’s still floating around from a Happy Meal back in the Jurassic Age?

Once upon a time, we were hit by a tornado on a 4th of July weekend odyssey to Houghton Lake and the yooperland. The POC was sandblasted but its occupants were only rocked around a wee bit. Rough weather had also hit the Landfill and so when we got to Houghton Lake, we *called* the Landfill landline and left a message for all of our stuffed friends. That message served a dual purpose. It reassured the beach urchins (and us) that the aminals were okay [grin] and it indicated that our house was probably still standing, since the answering musheen was working.

Probably the stupidest example of this phenomenon was the time that The Planet Ann Arbor set aside a Garbage Day for folks to put their crappy old-skool metal garbage cans out. We had just received our new handy-dandy planet-issued garbage cart that got picked up by a garbage truck with a mechanical arm. Our garbage cans were old and beaten up when we moved in to the Landfill and I was excited to be able to get rid of them in a legal way (instead of dumping them in a parking structure or something…) But then, after I put them out by the curb on the morning of the pickup, the GG saw them there and asked something like, “You’re getting rid of those [loverly old garbage cans that have been here since we moved in]?” Instant tears! WTF? (But I DID get rid of them.)

I don’t understand why I have feelings like this toward inanimate objects. I am actually pretty good at flinging, although I have to take breaks from it sometimes. I think that this is one of the *many* reasons that some people become hoarders. Hoarders are people and their psychological makeup is just as complicated as all of the rest of us.

Hoarder or not, does anybody else assign feelings to inanimate objects? No obligation to answer this question.

P.S. The GG is on his second trip to the hardware store this evening [lol].

One Response to “Buyer’s remorse?

  1. Margaret Says:

    I get very attached to my vehicles and feel betrayed when they don’t behave for me. I also love my furniture because various beloved people have sat/lounged on it. It’s difficult for me to get rid of couches and chairs.