I’ve drinken the kool-aid

seagullBut not out of this loverly cup. I snagged this cup at Little Boots Country Diner for my coffee Sunday morning. Like, “please please please let me have that seagull mug!” I am not a mug collector (ask me about mug collectors some time) but it was all I could do to not pocket this one. At least I didn’t get a Safe Sex mug but although Little Boots collects random mugs, it is a family-oriented restaurant and I suspect they would probably pass a Safe Sex mug along to Sally Ann or someplace. Not that I have a Safe Sex mug to donate. There is a Rabbit Sex mug at the moomincabin but 1) the Rabbit Sex isn’t obvious at first glance, so it’s conceivable that Little Boots might actually use that mug until somebody alerted them and 2) I cannot get rid of that mug because my family would probably kill me.

Anyway, what kool-aid did I drink? I drank the Costco membership kool-aid. I have friends and relatives who have been raving about Costco for years. For most of those years, it was a 15 mile drive out of my way to go to Costco. It did *not* fit in with my admittedly quirky shopping habits. Now there is a Costco on my way to work. I see its backside every day. I’ve been thinking of getting a membership and just the other day, as I was passing the backside of Costco for about the billionth time, I wondered how long it would take me to drive into the parking lot, park, and fill out the membership paperwork. That very day, our Building Mom emailed everyone to say that the Costco gals would be in the lunchroom at noon to sign people up (and hand out treats). I signed up and grabbed a piece of cake. I noticed that others were in there just grabbing cake. I think many folks at my work are already members though. We’ll see if I actually use that membership. My shopping habits are indeed quirky.

Of course, now that I have signed up for a Costco membership, I am getting spam email, etc., about Costco. It isn’t FROM Costco. It’s from Russia or Turkey or wherever. I also don’t think it’s from the act of signing up for a Costco membership. I think it’s because I googled Costco microwaves earlier today. I mean, I googled thundershirts a while back (google them) and now I get ads and spam emails about thundershirts, even though I don’t own a dern dog.

2 Responses to “I’ve drinken the kool-aid”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Costco has good cake and baked goods. You have to split up a lot of the meat you purchase into separate packages and freeze it but you will probably save some money. Problem is, when you go to that store, you walk out with a new Kayak, new clothes, books etc. there is something about that store that says. “Buy me, buy me.”

  2. Margaret Says:

    Welcome to the hive. 🙂 I don’t go to Costco as much as I should, considering it’s a local company, very good to its employees and located about 5 minutes away from where I work.