In which the Red Plaid Nation goes to the art museum

That is, if you can get to the art museum. Getting off of the Planet Ann Arbor on a Friday afternoon? No can do. I finally decided to drive all the way through downtown over to the web of WWII-style cloverleaf freeway interchanges near Arborland in order to get to the I94 18-wheel Slogway because I knew the other THREE entrances were HOSED! And I96 is CLOSED so no point in taking that route! Getting down to Daytwa was not the quickest trip but we were mostly moving. We did the last few miles on largely deserted Michigan Ave. and got to the Green Dot Stables just in time to get a table before people started lining up.

I don’t want to say too much about Liz’s job because it’s her business but she is the type of person who functions as “the glue” pretty much wherever she lands. I think it is more okay to talk a bit about *where* she works. MOCAD is a contemporary art museum located in an old car dealership on Woodward in Detroit. Although improvements have been made throughout the building, a lot of the “bones” have been left as is. Not the best photo but this area is where the band plays and the drinks, etc., are served. We had one drink but didn’t stay around for the band because, you know, farmer’s market in the morning and Work Weekend!


This is the kind of stuff that will often stop the GG in his tracks for an impromptu inspection. What is it and what does it do?


Here’s the main exhibit room. No, there isn’t anything there yet. The artist is going to reside in Detroit and paint things on all of those canvases. We’ll have to return in June and see what he has created.


Well, actually there are some exhibits. There’s this colorful piece!


Of course there are the people. Here’s a clumsy bit of kinnearing. Check out those smiley face leggings. I did not manage to kinnear the lady with the purple pants. Yes, I am channeling The Commander. I don’t think I will attempt to explain in what way [grin].


And of course, there was this representative of the Red Plaid Nation, looking a bit out of place away from the Great White Northern Woods. I didn’t have to kinnear him!


Muuuuuch smooooother drive HOME and then, we thought we totally missed Pengie’s commencement for her master’s in forensic anthropology or some such thing, I wouldn’t know, I’m just a lowly old baggy old systems analyst. But no, due to the wonders of the world wide web, there was a video link and the GG was patient and persistent enough to watch it until our Pengie walked across the stage and received her diploma and hood(?). I took this crappy photo, which I am shamelessly posting without her permission (and I’ll take it down if it’s not okay with her). Congratulations!


And so, good night. Lots to do this weekend. Wash those windows, KW!

3 Responses to “In which the Red Plaid Nation goes to the art museum”

  1. Paulette Says:

    In the colorful piece exhibit photo, is the woman in front of it part of the exhibit? Color value wise she is!!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Looks like some VERY interesting outfits–your mom would have had a few things to say, eh? 😉 Congrats to your niece; Ashley didn’t go through commencement for her BA or her MA. If she makes it to her PhD, I may insist that she do so!

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Mouse is the woman in front of the exhibit 🙂