Sunday Sunday

Okay, today was an absolutely STELLAR day here on The Planet Ann Arbor. I particularly liked the morning. This is what the southern entrance to the Landfill back yard looks like.


I tinked around in the yard for quite some time (deploying Rooooomba and other appliances on various inside prodjects) doing mainly things that wouldn’t destroy plants. Cleaning and rearranging plastic lawn furniture, finding trowels, moving bags of soil and stuff off of the steps behind the back-back door over to the loverly new potting bench. Now I can actually walk out the back-back door. I hate when a door is blocked unless there’s a damn good reason for blocking it. It’s not a fear of fire exactly although I *am* afraid of that. Just that doors are supposed to be used as *doors*! That was *not* a subtweet. Just an issue I have with doors, especially those that lead to the outdoors. Top half, new potting bench. Bottom half, cleared steps.


Morning was glorious here today. It started out at around 50 with brilliant sunshine and I was happy working outside in leggings, a silk t-neck sweater and polartech vest. All of a sudden it was after noon, in the upper 70s and I was getting that slodgy afternoon feeling that a morning person often fights. Luckily, I had a plan for a little walk-about. The Ann Arbor Chronicle posted a photo of a Little Free Library and gave the location. Hey, I can walk to that. And so I did.


Of course, I didn’t stop there. I continued on downtown to check up on Mouse at work. Wouldn’t you know that there was a big festival going on — The Taste of Ann Arbor. I am not into big festivals like this in general. I will go to Festifools if we are in town and somehow we often end up at the Mayor’s Green Fair but man oh man… This was way too many people for me and there seemed to be some sort of long line of people waiting to buy a taste of food from some restaurant or other. It was hard to get across the street through all of those folks…


…but I managed it and skee-daddled up toward home, through West Park with its billion tadpoles and one mooma duck with two ducklings.

4 Responses to “Sunday Sunday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a lovely day. Some sunshine and warm temps can be very motivating. We’re having sun and low 70s here–a beautiful week is forecast. (unfortunate for this near to the end of the school year–I would prefer rain until June 18th!)

  2. Jay Says:

    I have been toying with the idea of building a Little Free Library for our front yard – in the bat garden.

  3. Sam Says:

    We have two (yes, two!) Little Free Libraries “just around the corner” in our ATL neighborhood. Here, our neighborhood is populated with asparagus rustlers (no lie! caught ’em red-handed!) and no reading material….

  4. Pooh Says:

    I like the idea of a Little Free Library!

    Margaret, when do you start school if you get out June 18th? Our last day with kids was May 23rd, and teachers worked last week, what with a few snow days. The kids return August 18th, and of course the teachers (but not subs like me) return earlier.