Getting back into the fling of it!

produceOr trying to anyway. Still dreaming of a clutter-free, dust-free house instead of this overstuffed landfill. What remains of The Commander’s stuff, my stuff, the GG’s stuff, what remains of the beach urchins’ stuff. After taking a little detour to have a brand-spanking new chitchen installed, I am now hovering around back in the Where Do I Start stage.

I am amazed at how little I have put back into my new kitchen. I don’t think I have done any box-diving in a couple weeks. That must mean I don’t need any of that stuff, right? I am loving Bertie so much that I flung my dish drainer and its accessories. What did I replace it with (because I *do* still hand-wash some things)? A micro-fiber dish-drying pad. It’s been working well the last week or so and I can throw it in the washing musheen.

I need a good place to put my glassware. What I think I want is some shelves something like the ones Radical Betty had in her house (that is, the shelves are still there, it’s RB who isn’t in her house any more). A tall, skinny, sturdy set of glass / metal shelves. I have pretty glassware. I want to display it. Carefully curated clutter. Microwave? Not yet. Cookbooks? Still thinking about how to handle those. My one regret with the new kitchen (I’ll admit it) is that we don’t have the tall, skinny set of recessed shelves that the GG built for my cookbooks. But I’ll figger it all out in time.

Anyway, I was struggling with how to approach the *stuff* when suddenly my brain started thinking out of the box all on its own. Not anything I can verbalize, just a few new ideas germinating. We’ll see which ones develop into workable flinging strategies. I did not actually fling much of anything today but I organized a *few* reeeeeallly random items for the beach urchins to claim (or not) and some stuff to take up to the moomincabin for people to peruse if they are interested.

Mid-century modern? Me? Maybe… The Landfill needs a *lot* of work. I know that I won’t be able to get rid of *all* of the Student Ghetto / Early In-Law decor. I *definitely* won’t be able to get rid of the Green Couch. But maybe I can make some inroads? New end tables, maybe? Can we get rid of the old ones? C-fam folks? Please?

Lots of random meandering, I know. It was that kind of day. With more than a few melon collie moments, alas. I *made* myself walk down to the farmer’s market this morning. That’s part of my haul in the photooo (except the beets are from the Plum). Those are French breakfast radishes by the way. You may have known that. I didn’t. I love them. My Market Assistant was not around and my Mouse was too busy to meet me down there today. Poor Mouse, I hope she doesn’t feel like she has to entertain her baggy old moom every weekend that My Market Assistant is not around. I *can* do things on my own, despite an annoying touch of agoraphobia. One that I wish I could *banish* to the Mariana Trench or Pluto or somewhere.

And then there are those little encounters that make my day. I was checking out at the Plum Market today and, when the cashier asked if I had my Plum shopper card, I handed it to him directly. Why? Because it was in my hand, because I had gotten my debit and Plum cards out of my purse before I got to the checkout. He was flabbergasted! He said, “You are the FIRST person all day who has had their Plum card ready! THANK YOU!” I told him I was a Power Shopper (and I am when my agoraphobia is on Pluto) and also that I once had a cashier job (I was good at it) and I totally understood his pain.

Good night. Tomorrow I am heading off for an adventure in the Lansing area and the road-trippers are scheduled to return home, hopefully even the green ones… A certain amount of chaos will return and that’s okay.

3 Responses to “Getting back into the fling of it!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lots to comment on here. I love radishes, I feel your pain on the house(for different reasons) and try to always be ready at the store. I didn’t know about the touch of agoraphobia. I think I may have whatever the opposite of that is.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I did some flinging on Thursday, and found a few treasures, a lot of trash (er, recyclable paper) and a mystery. Among the treasures was a set of Mother’s Day Coupons from many, many years ago. The mystery was a black medical brace of some sort. At first, I thought it was a wrist brace from when I broke my wrist. When I took it out of the bag, it was not. Neither Mark nor I could think of what or whose it is. ???

  3. isa Says:

    I forgot to take strawberries 🙁