All the rage!

berniemevIt seems like the fashion industry has finally gotten the message that most of us want some COMFORT with our style. I saw these Bernie Mev shoes on some random blahg I landed at while surfing around for something totally unrelated. I love a lot of color and these were so much fun. And… Were they actually made out of ELASTIC? Yes, they are. The same kind of elastic that you can buy at Joann Fabrics but colorful and sparkly (of course, maybe Joann has colorful elastic nowadays — it’s been a while since I’ve been in there). I hit The Google immediately and I think I had a pair ordered within about two minutes.

I love these shoes. I think I am going to order another pair (or two or three). They are $50 or thereabouts. They are great for folks with bunions. Like me. Although my bunions NEVER bother me. They just look ugly.

I have gotten a lot of attention since buying these shoes and I have seen one other pair of them in the wild. Of all places, it was at Cubeland when I caught a BA from our sister product wearing identical shoes to mine. I didn’t catch up with her that time but I will. And my loverly S-I-L Great Gertie was out looking in malls for them today. She wants to try them on first and that’s okay. Not everyone is as brave about ordering shoes over the internet as me. But I couldn’t help her much because I do not shop at malls any more unless I absolutely have no choice (aka the Apple Store Genius Condescension Bar). I hope she found some and if she did and is reading this, I hope she posts a comment!

Bernie Mev also makes elastic shoes in less colorful versions for those who don’t like to dress like a toucan or whatever. I suspect that Radical Betty would’ve approved of these shoes but maybe not The Commander. Although The Comm might’ve liked an all black or gray version of this shoe. So, Google Bernie Mev if you are interested. The actual site requires registration (I think) but Amazon and many other vendors sell these shoes.

Oh, man. When I got home today, the GG was already home and kind of crashed on one of the couches in the Back Room. He met his high school/college girlfriend (just kidding, she was a *friend*, not a girlfriend) down in Detroit today along with Lizard Breath. LB gave them a tour of her workplace and there was lunch and then the DIA and then girl friend headed for the airport and the GG headed for the Landfill Backroom couch.

P.S. My blahg is just my own boring little ramblings. Read it or don’t. I don’t care. But I still feel obligated to say that Bernie Mev did not pay me in *any* way to post this. I love the shoes. I have paid for one pair of shoes and I will probably pay for more. I am just passing this kayak woman style “product review” on to whoever might be reading. I don’t have any relationship with Bernie Mev except that I think I will be buying more shoes!

2 Responses to “All the rage!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love those shoes! They are definitely your style. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    I just got a random catalog that had those shoes. The T-shirt that caught my eye in the catalog said, “I’m not argumentative, I’m just explaining why I’m right!” That was before I pitched the catalog in a fit of disgust over an anti-Obama T-shirt.