This is not the view from my cube but it is a short walk away, through a parking lot and past a few goose families, today anyway.

I walked over to this pond today. It’s about a five minute walk. As I was returning to Cubeland, I spied Cube Nayber walking too. It was one of those days. I’m taaarrred and I think I will rack it up for the night.

Love all nine of you. That’s how many followers Feedly says I have. I always figgered I had five readers. Who knew. Whatever. Nine readers. Okay. Good night. Clearly I am not one of those popular blahggers. Do I care? A resounding NOOOOO!

P. S. I think we need some more maple / bacon potato chips here…

One Response to “Cubeland”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Pretty view! I can’t imagine maple/bacon chips. Bacon, yes. I love salt and vinegar chips and can’t even have them around. I would eat the whole bag.