Explodin’ Box! Do NOT Open! Grok Grok GrokGROK!

Grok grok. There’s a surt’n holly-day comin’ up. I won’ say whuditis. Grok Grok. Ennyway, tha’ grate big ol’ goofy-lookin’ birdy’s revvin’ up ‘is flyin’ musheen ‘n’ gettin’ it all ready t’ go. Grok grok. Ol’ Smokie’s helpin’ ‘im. Ooh ooh ooh ah ah! Tha’ ol’ birdy ‘as got a big ol’ load o’ boxes t’ haul all th’ way ou’ t’ Callyforny. Grok Grok. Do NOT open ’em ’til th’ akshool holly-day er they’ll explode! Jus’ like tha’ ol’ vee-hickle o’ Grandroobly’s does when th’ ol’ bag drovens it over 50. frok grok! Tha’s 50 miles ‘n hour, not 50 years. She ain’t ever gonna be under 50 years agin. grokgrokgrokGROK!!!

One Response to “Explodin’ Box! Do NOT Open! Grok Grok GrokGROK!”

  1. Isa Says:

    what holiday could it be… hmmm…. …..maybe froggy’s birthday……?