No cleavage tonight but then we weren’t exactly looking for cleavage

I am still processing this long but happy day. One event kind of stands out. It is the one in which, with quite some trepidation, I opened up the Panera app on my iPhone and ordered a You Pick Two. I don’t necessarily think that Panera is the absolute best restaurant on earth but it is pretty darn good for how fast it is and I remember it being one of the first restaurants that I could go to with *both* of the beach urchins, where all of us could find something we wanted to eat. (Note that this would be quite a while ago.) So, today, I ordered a lunch online. I normally pack a bag lunch of leftovers and salad but this week, by design, there is absolutely NO FOOD in The Landfill, except for all of the stuff that is frozen and packed up for the moomincabin (and yes, that includes the GG’s 16-year-old cheese and kimchee). As I drove over to Panera to pick up my food, I was wondering how I would actually connect with it. Walking in the door, I peered around for a bit until I saw that there was a big shelving unit right inside the front door and on the shelf was a bag with MY NAME on it. How cool is that? Actually, it was a relative pain the in butt to get *over* to Panera, given that our whole city is currently under road construction but I did need a break.

Turns out that my cuzzint Jay also ate at Panera, albeit a different Panera, given that she crashed at her parents’ house at 2AM following a long day of flying (four airports before it was all over). She is a morning person like yer fav-o-rite blahgger but I think she can be excused for not waking up until somewhere relatively closer to noon than not, especially given that her first airport was SeaTac. After whine with npJane and KW in the Landfill backyard, dinner with KW at the neighborhood @strongdrinks (Jay had coffee), and a short visit to the skate park, she is now ensconced in the messiest guest bedroom on earth. At least it is not hot and swampy on The Planet Ann Arbor tonight although there seems to be a party going on at Peter and John’s house. Is it breaking up? I hope so.

Tomorrow we launch to the Yooperland. And so I need to rack it up myself. It’ll be a long but fun drive.

2 Responses to “No cleavage tonight but then we weren’t exactly looking for cleavage”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Read Jay’s post before this, so I know she was a late sleeper. 🙂 It sounds like a great day with lots of positives, including Panera. I enjoy going there with my parents; I’ve never tried ordering on-line. Cool!

  2. Sam Says:

    Drive safely, y’all!