It’s too early to go to bed on a Friday night

garishBut I am pretty exhausted and not in that loverly way where my muscles are saying, “Thank you for using me.” Loooonnnng day of work, chores, packing, and driving. Ended up with dinner at one of my least fave places to eat. I want to like this place. We’ve been patronizing it off and on for many years. But 1) they serve Bar Food, which I am not crazy about and 2) the service is “spotty” (sometimes good, other times reeeeallly sloooooow). Oh, and then there’s 3) in which a recent remodel opened the space up quite a bit but now the acoustics are so awful you can’t hear yourself think. After a long day ending with a long drive, I need a wee bit less stimulation. My coping strategy involved engaging in antisocial behavior by reading a booooook on my phone.

Haven’t been to the Group Home since sometime in June, I don’t think. That’s a loooong time. At the moment, it’s just the GG and I, although the UU will be here after he watches them thar Lions on TV. It’s odd with just the two of us here and I find myself wishing for more company, exhausted as I am at the moment. Shared spaces are tricky but the CFam, despite its *large* size does pretty well. I’m accustomed to having quite a bit of space, so spending several whole days and nights with a bunch of other people can be challenging. (I’m sure that *others* feel the same way!) I cope with the parts of the day in which I’d appreciate a little more space by going out to breakfast or hiking / skiing / kayaking / whatever or taking road trips (even to the hardware store or Woldemort) or just by keeping busy processing the dishes or garbage or whatever. Of course the evenings are great fun with a whole bunch of people around: cocktails / dinner and bonfires. And then there are Pontoon Bote trips to the grokkery store and the tiki bar or just out and about around the lake.

It’s too early to hit the rack tonight but by staying awake, I run the risk of getting a second wind and that would be even worse. Whatever happens, I think I’ll sign off for the evening. Beautiful soft warm rain moving through right now.

Good night, –KW

P.S. The UU is now here and so are (surprise) The Lord and Lady of Linden. Good times!

One Response to “It’s too early to go to bed on a Friday night”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like you have great coping strategies for the people overload. I often run errands, run, walk or go to bed to read a book. (although I can only do that if it’s just family) Interestingly, you go out to restaurants WAY WAY more than I do; I nearly always find them stressful. I hate the decision making, waiting for service and figuring out the bill/tip.