Starting the Labor Day weekend early (with all the Pettifoggers, Wheeler-dealers, & Injun Chiefs)

michayweAlthough if I had my druthers, I’d pick Injun Chief. But only if I could wear a feather headdress and a jingle dress and about a billion beads. I used to think I would be a good warrior but I really wasn’t. I ran like hell past the rock-throwing Waisenen boys down the alley (I bet they’re lawyers now) and I was always glad to arrive home to a nice hot dinner and a little TV afterwards. Beverly Hillbillies anyone? Anyway, I always wanted to be Native American as I was growing up. Alas, WASPy old Scot here.

Pheeee-oof. Bumpity-clunk up the I75 SUV Speedway landing softly at Chloe Belle’s house where I could not believe the chaos. I am only reporting this because I have NEVER seen The Beautiful Gay’s place this messy EVER and I do not think I will EVER see it like this again. The issue? Something died in one of the closets. Been there done that. We have been debating the size and species of rodent all evening. We do not know. But believe me, every blasted thing in that closet got dragged out and washed and is waiting for the smell to go away to be put back. To add insult to injury, someone peeeeeed the rug. I will not name names but it is the same entity that ran around in excited circles when I walked in.

This may all sound snarky but do *not* get me wrong. The UU and TBG provide some of the best hospitality around and I always feel honored to be a guest at their house. The conversation is lively and there is always plenty of food and whine and whatever. It is comfortable here. They are family.

No, I did not drink all of the whine in that glass tonight and if there are typos in this damn blahg entry, just sue me.

2 Responses to “Starting the Labor Day weekend early (with all the Pettifoggers, Wheeler-dealers, & Injun Chiefs)”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love the photo. (Sorry you made me think about rodent-stink; I will survive!) Glad you’re in the Northland. Dragon-Con debuting in this part of the non-woods…..

  2. Margaret Says:

    Rodents stink, or only when they die? Yuck! That isn’t very much wine, although way too much for me since I hate the stuff. Put beer in there and I could drink 2 or 3 of them. 🙂