Such a fun weekend! Almost nothing went as planned. A baggy old kayak woman needs to be shooken up from time to time though, at least in the ways she was shooken up this weekend.

So, Friday? BFF Sam (archaeologist, not dawg) and my web guru were scheduled to spend the evening with us. The loosely-laid plan was to pick up some easy take-out food and whine from The Plum and hang out at the Landfill. That slacker the GG walked downtown Friday AM and found a small Design Exhibit and our plans shifted to check out the exhibit and then eat somewhere downtown. The Oscar Tango or Jolly Pumpkin or the Grizzly or wherever. I would link to the exhibit but I’m not finding Google very helpful at the moment. It’s a Taubman thing and Tom Tjaarda is the designer. Even in that small space, there was waaaaay more than my poor little brain could take in, but waaaaay back in the corner was a sketch of the first automotive vee-hickle that I ever bought new from a dealership. The Ford Fiesta (mine was a 1979). My soon-to-be automotive engineer brother went with me to look at cars but that would be a whole ‘nother story.


So, we went to the exhibit and then we walked a couple blocks into town thinking about where we might want to eat. It was in the goddamn 90s and very humid. I wasn’t complaining too much because it has been a cool summer here but our Hotlantian friends really wanted some cool weather. Anyway, somebody mentioned our neighborhood pub, Knight’s Steakhouse (which is not downtown). I didn’t expect that they would have tables until sometime next week but the GG called and they said they could get us in. So we went back to our parking place on 2nd Street and headed over to Knight’s. (You might get a small glimpse of a real live (beautiful) archaeologist in this photo if you look carefully.)


It was loverly but ugly storm clouds were moving in and for a few minutes we were in the dark at Knights but they do have a generator so all was well and we ate and drank and danced on the tables (oh not really!) and, when we got back to The Landfill to have a wee leetle nightcap, the lights were all on. And then. Dun dun dun. Some ugly stuff happened and the power went out. It was okay. It’s still summer here and we all unplugged a bunch of things and sat and talked in the iPhone glow. So beautiful and so much fun. (And the decision to go to Knights was fortuitous because Second Street (where we parked) was heavily hit by downed trees and branches after we had parked there.)

Generally my modus operandi is to move forward and that is what we did yesterday. Gertrude got a vacation day.


We cooked The Meat on our new gas grill in the back yard. I cooked a bunch of veggies from the farmer’s market on the gas stove in the Lyme Lounge, which just happens to be in the Landfill Driveway. It is not always here. Just so you know, I managed to turn on the blasted gas burner all by myself (after instruction by the GG). I won’t go into detail here but I am afraid of matches and gas. But we’ll get to that in some other blahg entry. I am making progress! And here is my pan of veggies on the Lyme Lounge stove!


It was dark and we still didn’t know when the power would be back and here is the GG using his iPad in the Lyme Lounge. I think he needs a new facebook profile pic, don’t you?


After this, we took a walk. It was pitch black throughout the neighborhood when we began our walk and a lot of people were outside. At some point, we noticed that porch lights, etc., were on and, when we got back home, we were greeted by our loverly 4th of July red white and blue light string *lit* up. The parts of it that still light up…


We slept out in the Lyme Lounge *anyway*. It is so much fun. And I will tell you about today’s Death Walk(s) and Boris the Bull later this week.

Sorry this is so long. Love y’all,

4 Responses to “Walkabout”

  1. l4827 Says:

    It’s amazing how the power good works. We’ve had power this week but not part of last week.

    – May the force be with you!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I like the sound of your busy but sort of random and spontaneous weekend. I always want to be more spontaneous than I am.

  3. Sam Says:

    Apologies for photobomb…. What a fun time we had!

  4. jcburns Says:

    Who IS that charming, mysterious woman behind the armor?