Poker Paddle postponed

Pretty decent wind and waves around the entirety of Kelley’s Island today. We weren’t scheduled to participate in the poker paddle anyway. We didn’t schlep kayaks down here & I haven’t played poker since my old banker coot slipped me a roll of pennies for the band bus in 7th grade. Our plan for the weekend was to park the Frog Hopper & Lyme Lounge and walk everywhere, untethered from any schedule except our own. And that is what we have done. That is about all for now since I am posting from my loverly iPhone again (what did we do before smart phones?).

Here are some fossils I saw this morning. I thought they were seagull poop at first. Not. Goodnight, KW.


One Response to “Poker Paddle postponed”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Very artistic fossils! I love playing poker, although I always lose. 🙂 I have no poker face.