skeletorToday. 0-skunk-30 walk. No skunks today. The last two days I have seen a skunk run through Maryfield Park and across Linwood at around the same time in the same place. Two days ago it was heading straight for me and I broke out into a sprint. Second day (yesterday) I was half a block away when I spotted it and I waited until it passed. Today? No skunk. Was that because a dog was in the area?

Today? Laundry and chores and packing and organizing for a cabin-closing trip this weekend. When I was a kid, we pretty much closed up the cabin on Labor Day. School started the next day and I was actually happy to return to my bedroom in our shabby old bungalow down on Superior Street, across the street from our own Lincoln School. I vividly remember packing all of my clothes and possessions into a bushel basket (google it) to move out *to* the cabin, the day after school got out, thank you very much Mrs. Commander. Moom, we need to go to the cabin! Now! We don’t care how cold it is out there or that we have to use the outhouse.

I guess I probably used the same bushel basket to pack my belongings when we moved back to town at the end of the summer but I don’t really remember. I do remember organizing my bedroom and desk, etc., in our house in town. After my parents retired from their jobs, they stayed at the moomincabin well after Labor Day, until the first bit of snow arrived. Back in those days, Radical Betty and Don and Katie were still around. They all had so much fun.

It’s a bit different nowadays when no one lives anywhere near the moomincabin. But we still open the place for summer and close it in the fall and we will be closing it this weekend. Alas.

P. S. I have been asked when I will arrive at Tahquamenon tomorrow. It seems the “whole world” wants to know. I am humbled by this request. Love you all, KW.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    we didn’t have a cabin, but we had a camping area–we started out Memorial Day and ended it Labor Day. Then we started drifting away because it was SO much work.