Last day of summer

Actually, it was September 28th, a week or so after the autumnal equinox. We reluctantly launched early from the Tahquamenon River Mouth campground that day and swung down around Whitefish Bay past Naomikong Point (where I used the restroom, thank you very much) and Pendill’s Creek fishery and the old Mission Hill ski hill and Iroquois Lighthouse and the res, through Brimley and on down Birch Point Loop past the range light and down the cabin road. After a morning surveying what’s left of The Commander’s stuff in the garage, I spent the afternoon slugging around on the beach. Because it was a BEACH DAY!!! One of the best of the summer. The kids and dogs next door were having a wonderful time down there and when I took off for a little kayak ride, it sent the dogs into a frenzy. I tipped my paddle and yelled, “I’m a floating head!” and got a pretty good laugh. I’m not totally sure they know what a “floating head” is in this kind of context but I’m not totally sure *I* know what it is either!


In the late afternoon, the GG woke up from his long winter’s nap and joined me down on the bank for a cocktail. As you can see, the sun is not setting over the water any more. Heading south.


And then there was this loverly event. I was thinking something like, “Where is the goddamn Grinch?” We had more than enough food and needed someone to help us eat it and finally I just threw on my Keens and headed down the back road to see if the Grinchie was home. Two automotive vee-hickles were there, so indeed he was home. I trundled around to his front deck and there he was, sitting right inside the big picture window. And so, here are the boyz on the back deck.


Good night and love y’all (all nine of you!)

3 Responses to “Last day of summer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A floating head! I’d never really thought of that in relationship to kayaks before, but yeah…

  2. Sam Says:

    Is it roughly in the same category as a dead-head?—small D.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Then there is the floating head that joins skinny dipping parties in the moonlight!