Paintin’ mah livin’ room purple

dablI’m not really doing that. It refers to a long ago incident in which a wonderful neighborhood friend of mine painted her living room Royal Purple while her then husband and their sons were off on a weekend boy scout camping trip. Surprise! Alas, that friend divorced her then husband and moved out of the neighborhood and I rarely see her any more but she is remarried and doing very well and her ex-husband hangs around with her and her not-so-new-these-days husband nowadays. They all traveled to Europe together this summer. Go figger.

Actually I do have a Royal Purple Room in my house. It is one of the beach urchins bedrooms. Not all of the walls are Royal Purple. Some of them are dark blue. I am okay with this although eventually I will probably repaint those walls (or more likely, hire someone to repaint them because I hate painting walls or anything). It was kind of fun when my beach urchin was painting them though. The neighbors across the street thought there were Mynah Bird cages in our front living room and I threatened what family was around that we wouldn’t have a Thanksgiving turkey unless the mess in my living room was removed. The answer was, “So, we’ll have ham!” No. And [most of] the mess did get cleaned up.

Where am I? I am kind of taarrrred. I was writing this much earlier and then I got distracted by many things so I kinda fergot where the heck I was. You get what you get.

2 Responses to “Paintin’ mah livin’ room purple”

  1. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Of course Renee and Gay painted our master bedroom bubble gum purple while I was away one weekend. Actually, I grew to like it.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love purple as an accent color, but am very conservative about wall color. Blame my mom (the Queen of Off White) and my inability to commit to an actual color scheme!