I shouldda known that Daisy was hidden

Especially after seeing that her owner’s mail had been opened. Didn’t really think much about it though. I was struggling more with the question of “did I run the dishwasher last night or not?” Yes. It turned out that I did. And then put a few dirty things in it. This dishwasher is actually sooooo quiet that it’s easy to fergit it’s on. Mid-price-range Bosch ($700-something? I fergit). Love it. The GG had every blasted dishwasher in Big George opened with all the drawers pulled out. I was getting a little queasy, so I left him to play with the dishwashers, took the salesman aside and said, “mid-price dishwasher that’ll clean *all* the dishes, even the ones on the top rack, and won’t break down”. Dishes sparkle and KW is happy.

Moving on. Next week will probably be the last time I will walk through Miller Woods on my way downtown for Friday dinner at the Oscar Tango until maybe sometime in late January. A week from tomorrow, it’ll be getting dark by the time I get home from work and I’ll be taking it to the streets at that point.


And West Park.


I always text the folks at the Oscar Tango from the Drop Acid, Not Bombz! bridge. That’s their cue to order me a ‘hattan. The name comes from some graffiti on the bridge a few years ago. I have a pitcher of it somewhere but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna look for it now. I didn’t think this old bridge ever got used any more but it does. A creaky old freight train comes into town early every morning, crossing a series of old bridges including this one. I like this photooo a lot. It has a creaky old railroad bridge, some lucky-shuckial / phone waaaars, a new building that I find myself liking more than I want to and a tree! I do not like that big pole. Oh well.


It became clear when I entered the Oscar Tango that Daisy was parked around the corner from The Landfill because Mouse was at the OT. And then some minor excitement happened across the street when a car had to be towed out of Bill’s Beer Garden so that esteemed establishment could open for the evening. Mouse’s roommate (who works across the street) was managing the whole thing and the Civic Theatre folk, who were watching it from their round table, alerted us to what was happening so Mouse went over to check things out. This little event provided much entertainment to all of us. Obviously it doesn’t take much, does it?


Mouse stayed downtown to meet up with Lairi the Rake and we scampered along back up to The Landfill, passing the Blind Pig and the Millennium Club or whatever they call it now.


Once way back when, I met my cuzzint The Grinchie at the Blind Pig. I was waiting for him *alone* at the bar, feeling nervous about getting hit on, and sure enough I *did* in fact get hit on. Sigh. I told the nice young men predators I was meeting my cousin and I think they were thinking my “cousin” would be some wimpy little guy or whatever. And then my *cousin* the GRINCH walked in! They walked back all their crap PDQ! Funny that nowadays I do not get nervous about sitting at a bar alone to wait for someone. It’s partly that baggy old kayak women don’t generally attract the attention of random men but it’s also because I have an iPhone to keep me company.

Will you look at this long rambly bunch of blather? Can you believe I didn’t think I had anything to say tonight? Well, maybe I didn’t have much to say but I sure spewed out a lot of words. Good night. I need to get up and schlep down to the farmer’s market early tomorrow morning. And then there are the Saturday chores and a trip to the Kiwanis drop off. And and and… A feetsball game on TV tomorrow afternoon (for the GG, not me) and a birthday party tomorrow night. Should we get a room at the casino or schlep back to The Planet tomorrow? On the fence and time will tell.

Good night,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That happens to me too–I think I’m just going to write a few things and then the tangents lead elsewhere. Still, it’s a fun post to read, although it’s difficult to comment on. 🙂 I’ve put dirty dishes in with the clean and am a baggy teacher woman. We have lots in common!!