So, we are here at the Group Home at Houghton Lake and we are thinking about places to hike tomorrow. The sun set at somewhere around 5:23 this afternoon. We were on the freeway. By the time we got up here, it felt like about midnight even though it was only around 6:30. We have some frozen pasties from Uncle Peter at the farmer’s market to put in the oven and some salad. We’ll eat eventually, I guess. Since we got here, the GG has been working on installing a new cable modem. It’s prob’ly about time. I remember when we got the first one installed, when the place was new. I drove up here with The Lady of Linden to wait for the cable guy. Believe it or not, that was something like 10 years ago. It was a beautiful day and I didn’t have a career then and it was just so much fun.

That modem was pretty good for a long time but we needed a new one. Back in those old days, there were maybe one or two laptop computers using the modem at a time. Nowadays on a high summer weekend, there are any number of folks hitting that modem with their laptops and smartphones. I’m one of those folks. In fact, I am probably a pioneer in that respect. I remember back in the old days of the Moldy Old [but beloved] Cabin when we schlepped various computers up and used a telephone modem to dial up to the Internet.

This is a group home and we want to accommodate as many folks as we can on our wifi so today, the GG installed a new one. It actually works.

Tomorrow. North Country Trail in the Traverse City area? Yes, let’s do it. But let’s not lollygag around tooooo long for breakfast tomorrow. Lunch in / around TC tomorrow? Yes!

2 Responses to “Roooooota-begga!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have no idea to install a modem but I did hook up my new comcast one–does that count? 🙂 Have a great hike and food out. I’m jealous.

  2. Sam Says:

    We had pasties, too! Beef and mushroom, although they did have “beggie” variants (old-timers say it’s a “must” ingredient)….