randomness on and off — the internet, that is

As Lizard Breath would say, “Moom, I can tell when it’s a slow day.” And it has been. Not that I haven’t done a lot of stuff today, just that I don’t have a nice, coherent post. Or even one o’ them thar long, rambly, kinda ranty things that do actually have some kinda point somewhere deep inside (like my bro’ used to like). And I have a good post percolating but the GG can’t get the photos to me. So, lemme see…

  • Manatees are now traveling to Cape Cod and Memphis and Snooty has a webcam (ooh, slow loading even here on the *new* home cable modem, WCC’s T1 lines were much faster, sorry). You *should* be able to at least see a very cute pic of Snooty anyway.
  • I told a classmate that my biggest problem was being shy and she said she couldn’t believe it. What the heck am I missing? 😐
  • For my latest User Design II project, we are working on a book-swapping site. And that led me to librarything. I am kayakwoman on there. I only have about six books entered. That’s not the site I’m analyzing, but it is distracting me!!! 😮 Join (it’s free) so we can share book ideas.
  • Shit happens! The first leaf pickup here is Thursday. Most of the leaves are still on the trees. I spent an hour hauling ten big plastic tarps of leaves out to the street. Actually, I’m working at about 12 loads an hour but I spent some time talking to Myra. But. But. But. The first thing I did was step in dog shit, which I didn’t see because it was underneath leaves. Crap! (Uh, sorry ’bout the language but I was channeling Grandroobly just a bit.)

Is that enough? Y’all do not wanna know about Coldfusion, I don’t think 😉 And, no, it is not the nuclear kind of cold fusion.

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