I can see Alaska from my house


Okay, how about I can see the Haisley parking lot from my roof. That’s not me up there on the roof [shudder]. It is a pic I received via text message this afternoon at work. It’s only a one-story house but still.

Some people did not have to work today. They went out gallivanting around hiking at the Geology Center. Seven miles there, some yardwork, then they hiked downtown to the Grizzly Peak, where we all met up for dinner. I walked down too. Those two slackers ate out no fewer than THREE times today. Breakfast at Bell’s Diner, some sort of snacky-type beer lunch at a pub in Chelsea, then the GP. Me? English muffin / OJ breakfast, leftover lunch.

It was pretty warm today but the wind started picking up this afternoon and the skies looked like Armageddon when I drove home from work and then the temperature started dropping. Some people are calling this thing another polar vortex, Winter Storm Astro? A more ominous name for it has also emerged: Omega Block. I am not looking forward to winter much this year. Yes, snow is pretty and fun. I can dress for it and I like to walk and ski in it and I don’t mind shoveling it as long as there’s a place to put it. Driving? No think you. Friends, we had the barest minimum of snowfall in Roscommon County last weekend. Two, count ’em, TWO traffic fatalities. That I know of. Sault Ste. Siberia is apparently a sheet of ice this evening. From what I can gather, they got a few inches of snow (hey, Marquette got a foot or two!), then freezing rain started falling. What a mess! Glad I am not there but we’ll get it soon enough, I fear.

I’m taaaarrred and babbling incoherently. G’night!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sarah Palin–what a kook! I still imagine and laugh at the alternate election universe where she and her drunk family are brawling on the White House lawn. It has been quite cold for us here today and WINDY. (biting!) They are even talking a bit of snow possibly, although it will probably never happen. Of course, I haven’t had my studless snow tires put on my 4 wheel drive SUV yet, thus that could cause a Snowmaggedon. Hoping for a warmer winter for you back there!