I am a bare bear

snowtracksWhen I am 90, if I can still do the computer generator, can I finally get rid of the old I-can’t-blahg-about-it category? Because I would love to tell you about my work day. It involved designer underwear on eBay and garage hot tub adventures, not your usual systems analyst stuff. An Interloper was hanging about my Loverly Dog-Poopy Cube for a while this afternoon and I love him too much to tell him to get lost. Actually, I *instigated* some of the hanging about by asking if S & S were here yet. Finally his manager caught wind of the convo and staged the usual intervention by calling me on the phone. Oh, she’s got a phone call, gotta leave. Cube Nayber was having so much trouble containing her laughter that she up and left for the ladies room.

What else? Did you shop on Black Friday? I did not, unless you count dinner at the Oscar Tango. I am not sure whether or not I know *anybody* who intentionally shops on Black Friday. I mean besides buying gasoline or groceries or the time we spent Thanksgiving at Houghton Lake and drove up to Petoskey the next morning. But shopping in Petoskey’s Gaslight District and lining up to get the latest deals at WalMart or whatever are kind of different things. I don’t remember what we bought that time we went to Petoskey except for lunch. I don’t usually need the kind of stuff that’s advertised for the big Black Friday sales. New TVs or tech “toys” or designer underwear or whatever. I don’t really need anything. I am trying to get rid of stuff here. If you are one of my nine regulars, you know that.

Small business Saturday? Lemme see… Farmer’s market, Sam’s, Kilwin’s, Ace Hardware, Kosmo’s deli. All small purchases because NOBODY NEEDS ANYTHING! And that’s kind of the whole thing. I ask my kids what they want for xmas and they don’t really want anything. And that’s okay because they don’t need anything much. All of us first-world folks already have more than we need.

One Response to “I am a bare bear”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have NEVER done Black Friday shopping and it’s unlikely that I ever will. I’m more like you–out and about at coffee shops or restaurants. Hanging out with my peeps. 🙂 I have gift certs and a few small gifts(mainly for my 3 year old niece, who wouldn’t appreciate a gift card); I’ll donate to a few charities for Ashley and give her a couple of small things to open on Christmas morning.