Please don’t freeze those scrambled eggs

farmersmarketIt’s 6:00 AM on Saturday. All roight! Let’s go!

Walked down to the farmer’s market this morning: lettuce, brussel sprouts, parsnips, [small] red cabbage, smoked mackerel, tenderloin roast, pasties. What else? Oh, a bonus. Got to watch that creaky old freight train cross the Drop Acid, Not Bombz railroad bridge in the dark. How cool is that?

Oh yeah, the GG drove down to have coffee and a snacky breakfast with me and visit his girlfriends: Victoria (painted wooden fish and Santas), Wan Oo (not sure of spelling, kimchee), the gals at the Roos Roast coffee stand, Uncle Peter (pasties). Oops, Uncle Peter is not a girl, therefore he is not one of the GG’s girlfriends.

Got a ride home with the GG and swung into my regular Saturday chores of laundry, vacuuming, changing sheets, vacuuming (okay, Rooooomba does most of that), DUSTING! Yes.

Drop-off trip to Kiwanis at 9:00 AM. It’s their annual xmas holiday sale and we were a few minutes early and people were LINED UP!!! Tried to find a parking spot to actually go inside (reconnaissance mission) but bagged it and headed over to Ace Hardware instead. It wouldn’t be Saturday without a trip to Ace.

Home again and continued with chores and took a walk to the Plum Market while the GG installed another skinny little rev-a-shelf in the Beauteous New Landfill Chitchen. Then a solo trip downtown. Driving this time. Three destinations with two planned parking locations. I wasn’t optimistic about finding parking but, wouldn’t you know, I somehow, randomly, found a spot *both* times *right* in front of where I wanted to shop. Yes, I know there is a disconnect there.

I did walk through the big Kiwanis sale on that second trip downtown. It was so crowded and crazy that I could hardly navigate and I was also nervous that I might see some of the stuff that *I* have donated. Certainly none of the stuff I dropped off today. That stuff was surely still in a triage area.

I had an Odd Experience there. A woman stopped me saying, “You are wearing something that I made!” I looked up and yes indeed, it was Carol and she made the beauteous ski band I was wearing. She gave me two postcards for upcoming events she is selling them at. I graciously took the cards and told her how much I loved my ski band (it’s my third). I put those cards in my recycle bin on my way into the Landfill but that was not out of any kind of disrespect. I doubt that I will make it to either of her upcoming events and I do not keep paper stuff around but I do sincerely love her work and I really need to buy a few more of those ski bands. 16 Hands and the Art Center sometimes have them. Or I could just email her.

More chores and the Ninja’s trunk already has a new box of stuff in it since our Kiwanis drop-off this morning. I dragged the GG out for a walk to Westgate in the late afternoon. Man oh man, it was 40 degrees out but there was a bit of a breeze and it was that damn penetrating kind of cold. But we accomplished our main mission plus a few others that we concocted along the way. It was a good thing to do. It is *always* good to get outside and walk, whatever the weather is.

Love y’all and hope your day was as good and productive as mine. If it wasn’t, that’s okay. I have been on a kind of a roll lately but I know all too well that life is like a river and some days, weeks, months, years, are better than others. Onward.

2 Responses to “Please don’t freeze those scrambled eggs”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ah, the river of life. I prefer the many roads of life, complete with detours and potholes, as well as beautiful and horrible scenery. I’m not really liking the “road” I’m on, but am trying that carpe diem stuff. I have good intentions!! Your activities put me to shame. I did (with the help of my 82 and 86 year old parents) shim my tree that kept falling over, went for a run, had photos printed and mopped, changed my bed and did a cheater vacuum with my airport vacuum. (not electrical) 🙂 All in all, not a bad day. And in an hour or so, I get to skype with Alison!!

  2. Margaret Says:

    My photos didn’t get mopped. Imagine a comma after printed, OK?