Marsala 18-1438

raccoontracksI’m not all that crazy about the Pantone color of the year this time around. Apparently I’m not the only one. One review I read compared it to the color of dried blood. At any rate, it’s kind of an earth color. I don’t dislike earth colors but they don’t go all that well with the kinds of colors I *do* like. You know, like Island Teal.

Then again, some of the cFam gals got together and repainted part of the cFam cabin living room. I can’t remember exactly what the color is but it is not totally unlike Marsala 18-1438. I didn’t participate in that endeavor. I was burnt out from the Landfill Chitchen reno and my on-going de-hoarding prodject, etc., etc., ad nauseam. I’d’ve probably been rooting for something like Island Teal. Which would *not* have been the right color for that wall. I *like* what they chose, earth color or not.

Oh dear, do I remember music theory 101 well enough to “help” a college student pass the class? I *loved* music theory. I *rocked* music theory. One of the few artifacts from my college career that I cannot bring myself to fling is an A+ paper that I wrote (and typed on an actual *manual* typewriter) in which I deconstructed the Mozart Flute Concerto in G. I think that paper means more to me than my senior recital program. I could’ve probably gone on to a career as a musicologist if it had been on my radar screen. Anyway, the QB (who also played the flute once upon a time) warned me this afternoon that someone over on the other side had a daughter who thought that Music Theory 101 might be a no-brainer class and she had suggested me as a resource. I am here to tell you that Music Theory 101 is not not not a no-brainer. Except for those of us who have nerdy analyst brains. But it’s been a long time. I wish this young person well but I’m not sure I would be much help at this stage of the game. I’m not even all that sure that she’s being taught using the same vocabulary that was used back in my day.

BTW: I had the wonderful experience of actually meeting up with my Music Theory 101 teacher a couple years ago. By a series of coincidences that defy description, she is the best buddy of one of The Comm’s friends. This friend had made The Comm a beautiful afghan and I contacted her after The Comm died to tell her that I thought she should have it back. She and her friend came to The Planet to attend a concert and I met them for breakfast! My long-ago teacher was just as wonderful as I remembered her!

Anyway, I am a nerdy analyst. I once analyzed music and now I am an IT systems analyst. I’m not bragging about my job. It’s a very good job but it is not all that fancy, I literally fell backwards into it, and I am only one of many very good people who keep our many-headed hydra of a product in line. I’m a small cog in the grand scheme of things. I like it that way.

I’m not sure exactly where I started or where I ended up but we are walking over to Knight’s in a minute so seeya tomorrow!

Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Marsala 18-1438”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like the color, but wouldn’t put it on walls or anything. I would look great in a blouse that color though. 🙂 Music theory, or anything with theory in the title, is NOT easy at all; it will challenge every brain cell.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I clicked over to the Pantone link today, and the first thing that caught my eye was the word “impactful”. Yuck, yuck, and double yuck! The color is okay, although I’m not likely to use it. I’m not planning to do any kind of decorating where I’d use it. New curtains, if I get off my keister, but those will be a light neutral color, like the ones we’ve had for too long. Paint, again if I get off my keister, would be in the yellow end of the spectrum, like the ones we have now. Gee, maybe I’m not the target audience. How is Marsala going to work with the Emerald Green from last year, or was it the year before?