Red Plaid Nation

redplaidAfter almost a week of not working, I had to *force* myself to faaaaarr up my work musheen this morning. Where am I? How do I? Alas, this morning, I didn’t have to ask those questions. My work was cut out for me. My annual performance evaluation is due by the last day of the year. I hate those things (doesn’t everybody?) but chop chop, KW.

I haven’t submitted my eval yet but it is largely done. I know I will want to do some more wordsmithing before hitting the submit button. I had other stuff to do too. I chose to work on a new project, one that… oh well, you do not want to know. It was a slow day, therefore it wasn’t until four in the afternoon that somebody sent me an actual question about something. As it turned out it wasn’t my project and I couldn’t answer it comprehensively as hard as I tried. It was my friend Mary and if we had both been in the office, we may have managed to sort it out but we weren’t and we didn’t, so we just laughed about it and decided it could wait. This is a slow season in my biz except for those who answer support calls. Soooooo glad I don’t do that. I have done plenty of customer service in my time and I am actually pretty good at it (just ask Mr. Drysdale, my first boss) but…

Okay, so the mail came and with it was this Red Plaid smoke ring. A smoke ring is a scarf-type thing. My cuzzint Pooh knitted this for me. I know how to knit (and a whole bunch of other fiber arts stuf) but I am focused on my career and flinging my house for now so I am not doing anything much. Except continuing to try to re-a-start a reading habit.

Late afternoon sunset kind of walk after a day of telecommuting. The sun shall rise again. The north shall rise again.

4 Responses to “Red Plaid Nation”

  1. Sam Says:

    Thanks for broadening my horizons; with a little help from my friend G__gle, I know know something about what a (knit) smoke ring is!

  2. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Set my compass north, I’ve got winter in my blood.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Is it an infinity scarf, like the one Ashley crocheted? (has no end to it, just a circle) What are you reading now?

  4. Pooh Says:

    It is a circle, although not as long as most infinity scarves. It is also called a cowl. My mom made cowls for us when we were young, and her pattern was called a smoke ring. I wonder if she still has that pattern?