Another trip around the sun

regenhouseAbout all I can say about today is that I managed to survive No Politics Day with, um, *no* politics. I won’t tell you about the fatal car / bicycle accident that occurred near Cubeland this morning. I was fortunate enough to not see the aftermath, as I take the north entrance into work. A police car and some flares were blocking traffic from going any further south but that didn’t affect me. Those who approach Cubeland from the south could not un-see the mangled bicycle and some unidentified stuff the police were photographing in the middle of the road. Poor Brooosie was still talking about it this afternoon, along with various tidbits of “knowledge” about bike safety even though I don’t think Broooosie has probably ridden a bike since he was a small child, if ever.

Oops, sorry, I guess I just did tell you about it…

It’s okay. A walk downtown to meet the GG and Mouse and various elements of Porterization for cocktails and dinner at the Oscar Tango helped once we got a bit of table confusion worked out. Looking back, I was more stressed out about that than I needed to be. Sheesh. Sometimes I really need to get over myself. Anyway, I particularly needed that walk back up the “hill” at the end of the night. I managed both trips in my Red Keens *without* any YakTrax. That was a positive. Too many large stretches of dry pavement for ice cleats and most snow was “grippy” as we like to say, that is, soft, uneven, and mixed with a fair amount of dirt.

I don’t have much else tonight. It’s been a good year for the most part with some great highs (new chitchen, anyone?). Still hoping the next one will be better. In any case, I’ll keep on trucking. It’s what I do. One foot in front of the other.

Kayak Woman

4 Responses to “Another trip around the sun”

  1. Sam Says:

    “One foot in front of the other” shortchanges you—you have outstanding style and verve! I have every confidence the coming year will be terrific!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Thanks for the pic of the old homestead! Looks like it’s still painted in a “warm beige”. Ask Bubs about the little boy on the corner, and his take on the color.

  3. l4827 Says:

    Happy to be there at the completion of another trip. Here’s to continued good adventures this time around …

  4. Margaret Says:

    Yep, one foot in front of the other and moving forward. (or trying to) It sounds like you managed some fun activities in the mix of tragedy and table snafus.