No iPhone flashlights here please

Got up, walked, ate a snacky kind of breakfast (English muffins), drove over to DayTwa, picked up Lizard Breath… Well, that’s not accurate. Whenever we head over to spend a day in Detroit, Lizard Breath commandeers whatever vee-hickle we are driving. She knows how to get around. We don’t. Funny Grandaddy (my Detroit grandfather MacMullan) would be proud of her. Anyway, we went to the DIA. It has been a long time since I’ve been there. The last time I went there it was as a chaperone with an entire class of sixth graders. I’ll say no more. Today? We spent our time on the third floor, which included a special Rembrandt exhibit. It’s only a small part of the museum but I was exhausted at the end of it but I still had enough art-type energy to get a photo of Liz, the GG (note the Red Plaid), and a beautiful photo bomber in the Rivera Court.


After the DIA, we hit up the Traffic Jam and Snug for lunch. I have actually been there before. A billion years ago when the LSCHP arranged a “team bonding” trip to DayTwa to see a Star Trek exhibit. I don’t think I had any whine that day. I had two cabernets today.


So, what next? We wanted a ruin porn kind of tour or maybe just a river tour. Our uber-good driver took us southwest just about down to River Rouge. Zug Island is where we turned around. We were surprised to see the lake freighter Edmund Gott parked on the Detroit River. Not where we usually see it.

detroit3   detroit4

We hit up St. Cece’s on the way back to Lizard’s beautiful apartment and got beer/whine there. What a wonderful place. Friendly bartenders and the GG acquired a bar-buddy and the guys next to me were singing and, well, it was just fun!


When we got over to Liz’s place this morning, a faaaar was going on in the neighborhood. It was a *large* abandoned building — very scary. Liz’s friend of Sister Pie fame moved out of a house next door to that building *yesterday*. At the end of the day, after a drink at St. Cece’s, there were *still* faaarrr trucks at this faaarr. What you can’t see in this photooo is a faaarrr truck spewing water onto the building.


We’re back here on the Planet Ann Arbor and so good night and love y’all.

3 Responses to “No iPhone flashlights here please”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a great day? Why is the river called River Rouge. Is it red? Ashley always drives me in LA; I am much too timid to handle California driving. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    I remember going to the River Rouge Ford plant for a field trip. I was so excited to see one of “our” lake boats next to the plant! Seeing molten metal being poured was a close second. 😉

  3. isa Says:

    @Margaret I think the name comes from a battle which supposedly made the river run red, but I can’t easily find anything online confirming/explaining that story.

    The firetrucks were still out there today, much less smoke but they are still spraying the building with hoses!