In which a baggy old kayak woman orders gochujang sauce on the internet (and upgrades her lamps)

goofylampYes, I really did just order food over the internet. I think I have reached a whole new level of laziness. We go to a [bibim]bap resty-raunt down in Kerrytown sometimes when Lizard Breath is in town. Bibimbap is kind of one of those everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-with-an-egg-on-top kind of things, as in clean out your refrigerator, cook it, put it over rice, and cook a raw egg over the top of it. So good! At Kosmo’s you actually have to tell them some of the ingredients you want in your bap. I am lazy so I always tell Lizzy B to order me whatever she orders for herself, which is always veggie and I always love it and I almost always take a box home because I can’t finish it. Bap is sooooo goooood and I always think something like, “I should make this at home.”

I haven’t eaten at Kosmo’s since Thanksgiving weekend but somehow bap came into my consciousness over the weekend so I started looking up recipes. Aaaaannnnddd they called for gochujang sauce aka Korean red chili sauce. I made a grokkery list. I went to the Plum Market. The Plum Market has an esoterically decent variety of Asian sauces and stuff but it did not have gochujang sauce. I *know* that I can buy gochujang sauce somewhere on The Planet Ann Arbor. I bet I don’t even have to go to a Korean grocer to get it. The brand is Annie Chun. That’s familiar. But, what the heck? I ordered a bottle from Amazon today. It’ll be here on Friday. Am I lame or what? Of course, now I am sure that facebook will show me ads for gochujang sauce along with the shop-vac filter ads. Facebook needs a different advertising algorithm. Why the heck would I want to buy *more* of either of those items any time soon?

ledlightsLamps. I love colored lights. Always have. We won’t go too deep into my history of that for now, we’ll save that for when I’m 90 and I can say whatever I want, okay? The top photooo is of the *first* goofy lamp I bought at Home Depot. It was an impulse purchase. We were at Houghton Lake when the new place was first built and I don’t think other folks liked that lamp all that well. That was okay because we just took it home. I loved that lamp so much. And then… Somehow we ended up with two more of them. I think at least one of them was over in Kzoo for a while but eventually, they all ended up at the Landfill, which was fine for a long time.

I dunno. In the last year or so, I got kind of taaaarred of those lamps. They are cool but we had too many of them and then some of The Comm’s old lamps ended up down here, including some that I do NOT want! Way more lamps than we need in any case. I prefer low light in general and rely on my laptop and iPhone to read, etc. I know that some people prefer a different thing, including the GG. So we still need lamps. (Although I am gonna get rid of some of the excessive lamps that we have. Watch me! Habitat would *love* them.)

Anyway, one of my No Politics Day gifts from the GG was LED light bulbs for some of the lamps in the back room. I can control these light bulbs with my iPhone and, as you can see, via the second photooo, I can make them do any color in the RGB rainbow. This is probably not what you would want your living room to look like every day but I think it is so cool that this kind of thing is possible. It will allow me to donate my beloved old goofy lamps and still have color (if I want it) in the Landfill Back Room.

5 Responses to “In which a baggy old kayak woman orders gochujang sauce on the internet (and upgrades her lamps)”

  1. Pooh Says:

    There a lot of the lamps like your goofy lamps in the elementary school. The teachers, and the kids, like to have several lamps lit around the room, then turn off the fluorescent overhead lights for part of the day.

  2. Sam Says:

    I want to see your new lighting scheme in person!

  3. jane Says:

    love Bibimbop and haven’t had it in ages! I think I first tried it at Steve’s Lunch on South U. As for Facebook ads, I’m wondering how long I’ll keep seeing ads for generators. You can really only buy 1 in a very long time frame.
    As for your back room, I’m thinking opium den as a potential. Not sure if that’s an AirBnB category?!? 😉

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    This room looks wonderful and cozy, colorful lights are great. The ultraviolet one is really cool, I like orange lights too.

  5. Margaret Says:

    I love the colorful lights; color makes me happy!(that’s why I’ll only have colored lights on my Christmas tree and never just white) Should I buy you some of that sauce when I’m in Korea. Amazon has an incredible array of goods. That’s where I get my Monin’s Dark Chocolate sauce for my mochas!