I *know* I don’t look gorgeous but I’ll take what I can get

snowfleasIt was Ginger’s Mom. Ginger’s Mom is one of my walking buddies. As in people that I have been running into for years on my neighborhood power walks, not somebody I actually ever walk with. I love Ginger and her mom but I could never walk with them. Why? They keep getting stuck in the woods. Like the time that Ginger picked up a dead squirrel and would NOT let go of it no matter what Ginger’s Mom did. Or that time that Ginger got into the corner of the woods that’s behind our crappy old tin shed and REFUSED to come out. No matter what Ginger’s Mom did. My presence didn’t even get Ginger outta there. Ginger likes me (most dogs do, they liked my dad too) and she usually runs up to me. That was on a single-digit day during the Polar Vortex and even though Ginger’s Mom was well suited up for the weather, she was FREEZING.

Today, Ginger’s Mom hailed me in the schoolyard. It took me a minute to recognize her. Why? Well, she was standing next to a young man and their two *children* were running all over *with* Ginger, who was having so much fun with her human siblings that she didn’t even notice me. All these years, I *somehow* thought that Ginger’s Mom was a single woman! Not so much.

Kinda reminds me of the time I went on the most awful date ever with the most insipid guy ever and he had met one of my aunts and thought that she was a single woman! Not so much! Three daughters? Jeebus. I actually comiserated with The Comm about that date and we both laughed our you-know-what’s off. Imagine me hiding behind my play program years later at Commie High when bad date and I both ended up having kids there and one of them did theatre stuff and was in a play with Mouse. I figgered out who he was but not sure that he remembered me…

Anyway, Ginger’s Mom and I haven’t encountered each other in a while (maybe a month?) and I think she was ecstatic about seeing me because last winter, regular walkers who didn’t wear YakTrax were slipping on ice and breaking bones and disappearing for weeks. It was scary but YakTrax! I assured her that I was fine and walking every day and she told me I looked gorgeous. I don’t but I’ll take it.

BTW, those are actual insects arthropods in the photooo… Snow fleas. The Twinz of Terror and Mouse hiked at our fave Mason Tract today. Wish I was there but didn’t want to take vacay time. Also very happy that Mouse was able to take a long weekend for skiing / hiking with her dad and uncly-uncle. I hope they could keep up with her! It’s all too beautiful [Youtube link]!

2 Responses to “I *know* I don’t look gorgeous but I’ll take what I can get”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I sometimes make strange assumptions about people too. I often wonder what they think of me. Probably, “Why won’t that woman shut up?” LOL

  2. Sam Says:

    Okay, snow fleas. Piqued my interest & off I went to WikiPee. Arthropod, but not insect…a type of springtail; prone to demographic peaks and crashes. (Thnx for the prod toward edification.)