I love to go swimmin’ with bow-legged women and dive between their legs

plantThis loverly plant surprised me this weekend. I swear that several days before I took this pitcher, I was Sittin’ On the Green Couch Watchin’ All the Dogz Go By (YouTube link) and there was one little green bud-looking thingy. This weekend, I sat down on the Green Couch to (you know) and… WOW! Mouse buys me one of these every year for xmas. Or is this last year’s that she took home to “foster” for the duration? I can’t remember but I love it! A plant that blooms in the the Great White North in the dead of winter (albeit indoors).

Hey, let’s paint the Hall Closet. You know the one. The one that I cleaned out on Sunday. What color should we paint it? Teal Blue? Sunflower Yellow? Prob’ly not but it does need painting. I am still amazed at how little was actually *in* that closet. It was a disaster area but now it’s practically empty and all I did was take everything out, fill about a half a banker’s box with potential discards and put everything else back in. The GG “rescued” a few items out of the banker’s box (you knew he would [wink]) but he is pretty much with me on the flinging thing and he left some things *in* the banker’s box and I earned a “Good Jorb!” from him so YAY! I am GOING AFTER the Landfill closets this year. WATCH OUT!!!

Rooooomba seems to have lost her groove suctioning up capabilities. Her brush cage still winds up hair but that’s about it. I have just alerted the GG that I am gonna order a new Roooomba. How many vacuum cleaners can one household have? I have four at the moment and I use all of them… One of them is an Electrolux from the Jurassic Age and it still works. How many vacuum cleaners do *you* have? Do you use all of them?

Man oh man, it was difficult to find a version of the girl-watching song that I could link to. Copyright stuff and I have mixed feelings about all of that. My dad used to sing / play (on the radio) that song when I was a very small child. Were they violating [the extremely byzantine] copyright law? I don’t remember The Comm singing that song but I do remember her singing Around the Corner and Under a Tree, The Sergeant Major Made Love to Me. I cannot find that song anywhere on YouTube. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough…

Update: The Four Lads are still doing the girlwatching song! Oh man! Love love love!

2 Responses to “I love to go swimmin’ with bow-legged women and dive between their legs”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My friend Jim sings that song! I need to fling or at organize some closets around here too. Right now the bathroom situation is taking up all of my time!

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    Is this the song? http://stefanweiner.bandcamp.com/track/around-the-corner