Hee hee, y’all might’ve thought from the title that this post would be about clothing, eh? Jackets and vests and socks and sandals and hats and scarves and whatnot. Nope! It is about Adobe Illustrator. I love Illustrator. I love layers. Turn ’em off and turn ’em on and move groups of stuff around the page. And that’s all good because I have to make about a million waaaaarframes this weekend. See below if y’all don’t know what a waaaaarframe is.


That’s about as exciting as it’s gonna get. Well, except that it’s snowing cats and dogs. At least I am not asleep in front of a football game, like some other people around here are.

One Response to “Layers”

  1. Sam Says:

    SNOW! We escaped just in time, now that the South has tempered our blood!