Where everybody knows your name…

knights…or will after you’ve spent a few minutes talking to them at the bar. At Knight’s Steakhouse aka the neighborhood pub, that is. It was one of those days when even I couldn’t pooh-pooh the stoopid windchill factor. It was fricking cold when I walked this morning. I was dressed for it and therefore fine but I could feel the wind. But the sky was so gorgeous! Partly cloudy and a few little snowflakes when I started out but then it cleared and the waning crescent moon was so beautiful! Didn’t bundle up quite as much going to Barry’s and then work so definitely felt the cold, especially in the expanses surrounding Cubeland.

We both worked today but we are embarking on a potentially arduous journey to the yooperland tomorrow morning. I was jittery in general all day. Coffee didn’t help, neither did throwing together a couple of lasagnes after work today, so I was glad that we had plans to eat dinner over at Knight’s and actually happy that there was a 35-minute wait because I wanted to do the hang-out-at-the-bar thing that can be so much fun at Knight’s, where you always make friends whether everybody knows your name or not. And it was fun and so many Twitter plays ensued. There was the woman who gave us our seat (upon being called to a table) and *of course* turned out to have a mom from the yooperland (Houghton), so yada yada about snow, et al. Then I overheard a guy say, “I married up” and I turned to the young couple next to us, pointed at the GG and said, “So did he!” Actually I think it is *meeeee* who married up. Ssshhh, don’t tell the GG I said that. Our last new best friends were probably the best. I can’t exactly describe why, I just liked them, especially the guy with the accent who was interested in YakTrax. I’m guessing he may be the next Einstein. [wink]

Anyway, fun fun fun times. Upcoming weekend off the grid in bitter bitter cold. I will survive. Yes I will.

Love y’all,

One Response to “Where everybody knows your name…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Brrr, I can’t imagine that kind of cold. It was over 60 today! Wacky weather, even for our temperate climate. Have a safe trip!! Love your restaurant trips and your encounters with new friends.