Snow snowmobiler?

snowsnowmoAnd then I went to work. Last evening, that is. Some system change was made over the weekend and a “tester” from each team was needed and I figured that my number was up so I “volunteered”. Not my fav-o-rite day or time to go into work, in fact I have *never* been in there on a weekend day in the 7.5 (!) years I’ve been schlepping down there to work.

Sunday evenings? A sunset late afternoon walk by the river, a faaaaar in the faaaarplace (at this time of year), folk music on NPR radio. And last night, we had a beach urchin here for dinner.

<Beepity-beep-beeep Beep Beepity-beep!> We interrupt this blahg for a special report. Some ya-hoo was just on the radio saying he “he was retaaaaared and he didn’t want no drones flyin’ over his property”. I actually understand his pain because I’m not sure I want that either… But I had to laugh when memories of B52s from then-nearby Kincheloe AFB screaming low over my family’s beach flooded into my brain. My old coot and our beloved Uncle Duke (when he wasn’t off working at his own fly-boy career) would run outside to watch, followed by all of us kids and Tigger barking up a storm! B52s!!! Drones?</Beepity-beep-beeep Beep Beepity-beep!>

Okay, back to yer usual dose of boring blather. I wouldn’t want to go to work every Sunday night but it was okay. I was there for about 40 minutes. The beach urchin commandeered the chitchen to finish dinner and make the GG a ‘hattan (a skill her Grandmoose taught her as a toddler — as well as how to cut vegetables with a Sharp Knife). My drive home was sublime. Dry roads, no traffic, the waxing cresent moon hanging in the sky. Food and a ‘hattan when I got home. Love.

We are down in the deep freeze for the duration, it seems. I am annoyed by everyone freaking out about how cold it is because [except for the hole at the Ann Arbor airport] it isn’t really that cold. Zero degrees or thereabouts with no wind is pretty easy to dress for, especially in a suburban environment where, if you are freezing to death, you can always call someone to pick you up or bang on someone’s door. The parts of my face that are exposed during my early morning skunk walks are staying warm and no, that is not because they are numb. It is beautiful out there, especially when you can see the stars. Bundle up and try it out!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m in the flight path for a military base, so I’m used to plane noise. And now I’m also in the SeaTac flight plan, although they are higher up and not as noisy. Some of those military planes come over LOW and late at night. Kind of scary. That is way, way too cold for me. How long is it supposed to hang around?