Over the river and through the woods…

fosterbridgeYes. This is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving number three. It’s all Mouse’s fault. She didn’t get any turkey this year, even though we’ve already had two thanksgivings. First, there was non-Thanksgiving. That was back in October. The Commander cooked the turkey and darn near everything else and UKW and I just about had to pick her up and throw her into a snowbank to get her out of the kitchen so we could do the dishes. But Mouse wasn’t there and we didn’t get any leftovers because The Commander squirreled them all away for herself. No turkey. No leftovers. No turkey tetrahedron or turkey-lettuce-cranberry wraps. Then there was real Thanksgiving at Dogmomster’s and that was a fantastic feast of duck breast and fruit-filled pork roast along with some of the traditional trimmings. But again. No turkey. No leftovers. No turkey tetrahedron or turkey-lettuce-cranberry wraps. It was all good. Life kicked into overdrive about then anyway.

But Mouse has been asking about Thanksgiving. And I thought what the heck? I can cook a turkey any old time I want. Holiday? I don’t need no stinkin’ holiday. And so. It is an interesting feat trying to conjure up a Thanksgiving dinner on a work day. I did the mashed potatoes and the dressing and the green bean casserole (yes, I made that) yesterday. I made the gravy a month or so ago. It’s okay, I froze it. This morning I manhandled the turkey, stuffed it with cut up clementines, put it into a roasting pan and stashed it in the refrigerator with instructions for Mouse to put it in the oven at three o’clock. When I got home from work, the turkey was well under way but there was still time to throw the side dishes together, ready to warm in the oven while the turkey rested and got carved.

Holiday? Well, hmmm. I guess we can conjure one of those up if we want to. Mouse is finally getting her appetite back after about a week or thereabouts, so I guess that is something to celebrate. Oh, yeah, maybe two holidays. How could I forget? 3:59 PM today, text message: “just landed early! Waiting to deboard…” A long, lost passenger arrives at good old frozen Dee-troit Metro from the beautiful city of San Francisco. Holiday? Celebrate.

4 Responses to “Over the river and through the woods…”

  1. gg Says:

    ….. now….. tonight… if we also had Karen, Val, Janet, feast of duck breast and fruit-filled pork roast …..

    THREE Thanksgivings!!!


  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad that the flight got in. I like turkey any old time, not even near a holiday.

  3. Jay Says:

    With all of the airline cancellations and delays all over, an early flight? Reason enough to give thanks. Happy Thanks Giving

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    YAY! See y’all this evening! More to be Thankful for!!