Green Beer Red Whine and Green Irishmen Purple People-eaters

A glorious St. Patrick’s Day. As has been the usual for the last few years, our team’s leader took us all out for Green Beer at the end of work today. He’s a rabbi in his spare time but everyone is an Irishman on St. Paddy’s Day, roight? And he was in fine form with his shamrock yarmulke.

In past years, we have ordered pitchers of Green Beer (but Cube Nayber and I always order whine). This year the only Green Beer on tap was Bud Light and I fergit what else but some other lite beer. The LSCHP expressed the rather emphatic opinion, “That’s not beer!”, and everyone ordered whatever they wanted to, which I always do *anyway*. I noticed a few Green Beers down where the developers were sitting. At least nobody was drinking out of a pitcher this year. A young developer did that a few years ago. Fortunately, his vee-hickle broke down before someone could stop him for DUI. He’s no longer with us. Back on the Indian subcontinent, last we knew, not necessarily happily.

I was decked out in Emerald Isle Green today albeit [mostly] subtly. Black and emerald green cashmere sweater. Emerald green tights. Strings of green mardi gras beads. Most people didn’t notice my get-up today until I went to get a printout and ran into one of our developers, who was not wearing o’ the green, despite that I bet she has a drop or few of Irish blood in her. Nope. Purple! It was only after she noticed all my green that I said, “Hey you are a purple Irishwoman!” That’s kind of crazy because there are Orangemen in parts of my history but I do not think there are Purplemen pretty much anywhere.

So much fun being with co-workers on this gorgeous St. Patrick’s Day evening. Hope you had fun being Irish today whether or not you actually are.

One Response to “Green Beer Red Whine and Green Irishmen Purple People-eaters”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am, but I didn’t enjoy the day much. Too many work place politics this time of year.