Let’s get the lawn mowers out

easterA couple weekends ago, in my ongoing de-hoarding prodject, I was looking through appliance manuals. We can mostly get appliance manuals online nowadays but we have some really old stuff.

The GG went over to a lawn mower store tonight. I’m not sure why. We have three lawn mowers. I told him we didn’t need any more lawn mowers. He said he would bring back a couple more. We have so much fun!

Easter is not much of a holiday for us anymore, since our Beach Urchins have grown into Responsible Adults. Easter Baskets? Not so much. For a long time, we didn’t do any kind of Easter celebration at all. Nowadays, it is the one day of the year that I cook ham and here is our dinner table with candles and butter and pepper and stuff. Yesterday was a wonderful bonus with both beach urchins. And no doggamn snow!

Ice out didn’t happen at Houghton Lake yesterday. Five eagles stood out on the ice for at least an hour. There was a carcass out there too but we couldn’t tell what it was. Too far out and the ice was not safe! Ice out happened today. The North Has Risen!

One Response to “Let’s get the lawn mowers out”

  1. Margaret Says:

    NO SNOW!! That is cause to celebrate! Easter is low-key around here too. I normally have dinner at my parents’ or my brother’s, but this year I was too tired to go anywhere.