The days are just packed (and so is Whitefish Bay)

marinetrafficIs it really Wednesday already? Are those of us who work Banker’s Hours [another post someday about this] really over the hump already? Where did the time go? How does time manage to go so darn fast? And yet, I always seem to be looking forward to something (or wishing I had something to look forward to). This is how all of a sudden we end up being 90 (or whatever) and not able to live alone any more after a long, happy lifetime of independence.

I go out and skate drive whenever I want to, like I always have. One fender bender (knock on wood big time) in my life. Age 17, Sault Ste. Siberia, glare ice, and a guy came across the center line. Right outside the Hovie Funeral Home. Yes, really. You can imagine my parents’ reaction when they drove by a few minutes later and saw a couple of smashed up vee-hickles, including our Ford Fairlane 500, plus a cop car in the funeral home parking lot. I was found to be not at fault (pre-no-fault). That Ford Fairlane 500 that I was driving was my grandmother’s previous vee-hickle, which our family acquired after *she* got into a similar accident IN THE SAME DOGGAMN LOCATION RIGHT OUTSIDE THE HOVIE FUNERAL HOME and she willingly stopped driving.

Of course, stopping driving was not as difficult for my grandma Margaret as it is for a lot of elderly folks because she had two sons and their wives (The Comm and the White Tornado) and sometimes grandchildren in close proximity and they could and did drive her wherever she wanted to go. Alas, my moom was not as lucky because my brother and I both landed fairly far from home and therefore could not be at her beck and call at any old time, plus my brother died almost 10 years ago…

I dunno how I got off on this ridiculously depressing track. Live in the moment, KW! For the second year in a row, great lakes shipping is struggling due to ice in Lake Superior. Particularly in Whitefish Bay, which is directly upstream from the Moomincabin. It looks like the ships are finally moving thanks to the help of various ice-breaker ships, including The Pierre Radisson, an arctic ice-breaker.

2 Responses to “The days are just packed (and so is Whitefish Bay)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree with you about time–that’s why I loved that book about the Time Being because the zen philosophy helped me focus more on the moments. I’ve always tried to be pretty good at that. Hope your sauce arrives soon!! 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    The interstates around here regularly look like that…the highway version…red lines instead of green ship-shapes…the pattern means spring is on the way, though!