A nice quiet start to the day.


I love trips to the grokkery store when I can just kind of float along and let somebody else do the heavy brain-lifting. The Buford Farmer’s Market may be the most fascinating grokkery store I have ever been in (the Berkeley Bowl is pretty interesting too). I live in a multicultural area and can probably buy a *lot* of what was for sale back on the The Planet Ann Arbor but not all and definitely not in one place. I was entranced by these achoy sum veggies.


The achoy sum prompted a lively discussion about vegetable production and marketing amongst an international crowd – Chinese, Bulgarian, and a few baggy old ‘muricans. We ran into the Bulgarian woman again at the checkout, where we held up the line just wee bit with our banter.


I posted the achoy sum on Instagram and a beach urchin asked if it was sugar cane. Nope but they also had sugar cane.


Onward to a pho lunch. My first pho actually, although I was not unfamiliar with what it was. Of course, I instagrammed it. Wouldn’t you?


Up next? The Lenox Mall Apple Store. Yes, really, and no we were not there to buy a watch.



How? Hanging it out a car window trying to get a picture of a street sign. What street sign? Gay Street, of course. Knoxville, Tennesee. For our beloved sister-in-law, The Beautiful Gay. We never did get a good pic and fortunately, the phone landed close enough to a parked car that nobody behind us ran over it. Thank you Rey for being such a calm driver as we were freaking out!

Fixed today to the tune of $130. Despite the fact that we live umpteen billion miles away from our friends, it seems like we often end up at the local Apple Store when we do meet up, so this was pretty traditional. (And no, it was not my iPhone, at least not this time… … …)

The Apple Store was packed today and after waiting what seemed like forever to get our own personal genius, we had another hour wait for the actual repair. Since we are NOT shoppers, *especially* not mall shoppers, JCB took us on a loverly Hotlanta parking lot tour. Waaayyy fun! Here is what’s left of the old Braves stadium. This is a must see, at least for me and my relatives, even those of us who are not sports fan[atic]s (inside joke [grin]).


Here’s the view from another stop on our parking lot tour. This one overlooks a train yard and a CSX freight train arrived while we watched. No one dropped their iPhone over the edge and here is a photo of jcb’s video back at the Apple store. In full disclosure, today’s Atlanta tour was NOT just parking lots. I loved our tour today. I may or may not remember everything I saw. What I *will* remember is the parking lot stops.


Throughout all of this, we were all taking photos and videos and uploading them to various internet platforms. We were interacting with each other in person and on the internet along with friends and relatives all over the country. I don’t see how this kind of technology has degraded personal communications. I think it has enhanced them. Instead of trying to make and enforce stoooopid little rules about handling rapidly changing technology, I think we should embrace it and invent how to move forward and use technology to make life better.

We’re heading further south tomorrow. I have cherished my time here in my BFF’s beautiful house in beautiful Hotlanta but I am also looking forward to seeing our more southward relatives.

G’night and love y’all! KW

4 Responses to “Meta-meta”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oops on the phone–they are difficult to hold on to. I have almost dropped mine while taking just about every photo I have on the camera. Glad that the person got his phone fixed. 😉 Did you like pho? Too many noodles for me; I got sick of eating them. You’re having lots of cool adventures in all kinds of places like interesting grocery stores.

  2. Sam Says:

    “B&B” now quiet, and we are reinventing our lives once again…. In less than two weeks, we’ll have our next pulse of visitors from the Midwest….

    BTW, Margaret, this particular pho was not over-noodled…superb!

  3. Tonya Says:

    I LOVE a good pho! Mmmm!

  4. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Thanks for trying to get the Gay street photo. I could not see it in the texted photo I got.