Rumbledy thump ka-whomp.

A little slower launch than usual even for a Sunday morning but felt good to get slowly back into routines. I’ve heard tell that various young folks are envious of some of our little routines. I think those folks need to meet My Dear Uncle Harry, a person I seem to emulate more and more as time goes by. That is not a bad thing.

So, up a bit later than usual, 6:45 or so, late enough that I took my sunnies along for my Skunk Walk. Took my half of the Birthday Twinz of Terror out to breakfast, then picked away at unpacking and laundry and grokkery shopping and food prep, etc., while the Birthday Twin of Terror lolled around on the couch. That was A-OK with me. 1) It IS his birthday after all. 2) we drove 600+ miles yesterday. 3) His lack of activity spacified me so I could power slowly through my need to put “things” back in place here at The Landfill. I love that I have found traces of Mouse here and there. There are a couple of gifts for her here too, including one from Snooty the manatee.

Anyway, The Birthday Twin mobilized himself mid-afternoon. He took a trip to the hardware store and then we headed down to the river for our regular urban hike at Barton Dam.

The rest of this post is pics of the Twinz of Terror. If you are friends with me on facebook, you have already seen them so click-away (click-away click-away Dixie Land (sorry, couldn’t help myself)). Love both of these guys (but not in the same way [wink]). Love the other twin’s wife too. I couldn’t have landed in a better family if I had tried.









3 Responses to “Rumbledy thump ka-whomp.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lucky you! I got the bad end of the straw for in-laws. (or should I call them outlaws?) Glad you got some stuff done, yet also had time to relax and get back to your routine.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Love the one where they’re napping. Aww, they’re recharging their cuteness! Also the last one.

  3. l4827 Says:

    GG, HB Plus one.

    Also glad that you had great and wonderful adventurs during your vacation.