94 and 75’ll get you back to Novi

riveraThat was [one of] the Money Quote[s] today. I didn’t end up with a Money Photo (at least not one that I want to post on the internet). This hastily taken one will have to do. It’s a portion of one of the Diego Rivera murals at the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA).

An exhibit of Rivera’s and his wife Frida Kahlo’s work was our reason for heading over to Daytwa today. A bit of bungling was involved in our outing today. Without giving you the whole gory details, we have had a long-standing (since a January visit to the DIA) but loose plan to meet up with Liz (who works a few blocks away from the DIA) for this exhibit. It’s halfway through May now and I got panicky about us getting to it at *all* because once we hit Memorial Day, life kind of gets away from us somehow in a way I can’t even describe because living through it, it sure seems like I am mostly going to work and doing chores and errands every day. Like usual… Somehow we figgered if we didn’t get there today, we might not get there at all. We also wanted the earliest tickets possible (in the day, that is) and Liz was helping put a party on last night and didn’t want to have to scramble at some ungodly KW-type hour, so [mumble mumble mumble] we bought tickets and didn’t tell her…

I regret that but I love her because she totally understood my long explanation and many mea culpas for not communicating clearly.

Our tickets for the exhibit were for the museum’s opening time, which is 10 AM on Sunday. We got there 20 minutes early and were just about the first in the door. I loved the exhibit but I won’t try to tell you about it because I am really not all that knowledgeable about art or art history. What was probably the coolest thing was exiting the exhibit and heading over to the Rivera murals to look at them with new eyes.

After that, we met our Detroit beach urchin over at MOCAD, her workplace. We parked the Frog Hopper there and hopped into Ruby and from there we went all over the place. Sister Pie, where we bought savory hand pies and cookies. The Green Dot for lunch. It has a wonderfully accessible menu of sliders and some sides. I always get three sliders when I eat there. Today, mine were quinoa with chimichurri, black bean, and bacon BBQ. The GG got (among other things) the Mystery Meat of the day, which was llama. [He is not dead yet.] After that, we hit up the Two James Spirits distillery, for a little snort to toast Grandroobly. Y’know, since we have been on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, we are experts [snort].

Home and walked to the Plum for a few supplies and just guessing that Mouse will be over here for dinner. I have a [small] gift for her 🐸💜🐭.

2 Responses to “94 and 75’ll get you back to Novi”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Llama? What did it taste like? I would like your sliders better, being mostly a vegetarian. I love art exhibits–glad you got to see it. I only know their art from the movie. 🙂

  2. isa Says:

    I always like to see you guys, even when it’s a (semi-) surprise visit.