Tick Tock

ticksAnd so the tick collection grows. The GG and I have “adopted” the Brevort Lake segment of the Hiawatha-Shore-to-Shore section of the North Country Trail and while I am here slaving away in Cubeland, he is up there working on trail maintenance. It’s okay. Really. I am not all that good at anything but ad hoc type trail maintenance, like when I *encounter* debris that I can easily deal with without tools, I *remove* it. I don’t use tools with expertise — especially things like chainsaws — and I’m more interested in *hiking* than maintenance. Maybe if I had more time to be out hiking, I would be more interested in helping with the maintenance. For now, I greatly appreciate that other folks do it.

And then there are the ticks. Yick!

Ticks were not around our area of the Yooperland when I was a beach urchin. The first time I *ever* saw one was when Radical Betty had found one (on her body, I think). I’m not sure how many years ago that was but I’m pretty sure *my* beach urchins were in high school and early college. That’s more years ago than I am strong enough to count. It was when Radical Betty was still Amazon Woman*. She had been on some gnarly bushwhacking style hike somewhere when she picked up the tick. She put the tick’s carcass into a plastic container (with a lid, in case it wasn’t really dead) and we drove into Sault Ste. Siberia to the health department so they could identify it. They told us it was a dog tick (like those loverly little beasties in the photo) and therefore not the kind of tick that transmits Lyme Disease. I know that there is some dissent about that but I have read A LOT about ticks and most of the literature says no and that’s what I believe, albeit tentatively. But the literature also says that any kind of tick is Bad News and they frickin’ squick me out in any case!

I dunno. I cannot hike where there are ticks. I cannot wear long pants tucked into socks when it is HOT out. I like to hike in SKIRTS! Recently, I have been encountering information about “stuff” that you can treat your clothing with or even pre-treated clothing. I will have to look into this some more. Is it toxic? Will it ruin my fave clothes? If I buy the pre-treated clothing, will it be suitable (and comfortable) for me? Will I look like a baggy kind of boy scout? Khakis are not a good look for me. Will I be constantly tugging on things because they don’t fit my particular body? Research needed…

Anyway, Cheers! The GG’s tick collection has increased by four (and counting?) Let’s see if we can FILL this little tick collection vial!

* Radical Betty was an Amazon Woman until the end. She just couldn’t hike/ski/canoe/whatever [very far] any more.

2 Responses to “Tick Tock”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those are some UGLY critters! Ashley is dealing with lots of cockroaches in Senegal and various intestinal illnesses, but no ticks as far as she’s told me. Do they need trees because Senegal is mostly lacking in that regard.

  2. Sam Says:

    Be cautious about wearing treated clothing; it’s very difficult not to have the poison-laced surfaces touch your skin—at least this applies to the super-duper tick-killer chemical(s). IMHO.