Too taaarrred to write


Oscar Tango and then home. Second shower tonight. So glad I live here in the Great Lake State where showers are not limited to five minutes (although I can do five minute showers when I need to). You’re stuck with this tie-dye photoooo. I wanted to make an animated gif of Kitsy but too taaarrred. Big fun weekend ahead! Farmer’s market, wedding and kinfolk from outta town, not necessarily involved in the wedding. Let’s go! But for now? Zzzzzzz….

Add Terlet Paper Run to tomorrow’s list. I just put the last roll onto the holder. I dunno whether the end is rolling off the top or the bottom and I could not care less! I have run out of terlet paper *once* in my adult life. That was back in the late 1990s when we were doing a play over at Eberwhite. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I think. I had to make a special run to the Westgate Kroger to get TP. Not gonna run out again. No sirree.

One Response to “Too taaarrred to write”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Running out of TP is a nightmare. I always have way too much, plus back up rolls hidden. 🙂